Time to Elf UP!!

I think I’m finally done with my Christmas shopping! I’m usually done by December 1st, not being done till the week of Christmas?!?!? Waaay tooo stressful for me!! I was determined to finish today no matter how long it took. As a result I was out too late and I came home grumpy and hungry. NOT a good combination because I grabbed biscotti and fudge for dinner!! Ohhhhh that’s BAD!!! Bad as in my stomach is rebelling …… the fudge/biscotti dinner is just not settling!! Okay… seriously?! Who would have thought I wouldn’t feel good after a junk food dinner?!?!? ME?!!? I swear my body before the Half Year Resolution was made up of 95% junk food!! So this upset stomach because of junk food is all new territory for me. Territory I DO NOT LIKE!!!

So until my stomach settles down I’ll be playing with Officemax.com’s Elf yourself website. I took the funniest pictures I have of my family and Elfed them. This had me laughing till I had tears!! I can’t find how to make it play in the blog or it would be here!! I don’t think you can play with this website and NOT laugh hysterically!! This will make even a bad day better!! Trust me! Go get Elf’ed! The pictures I used of my kids are the LOOKS they would be giving me if I really did make them dance in an elf costume which makes it even FUNNIER to me!

Okay here is my friendly reminder if you haven’t already voted I’m hoping you will take a moment and go vote for me! I’ll see you tomorrow! I’m going to go Elf the kids some more.

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