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I missed my blah blah blah post last week. It’s amazing how the holiday’s throw life into fast forward! This week I walked with Kaki minus the weighted vest but added the new Sketcher Shape Up shoes. I dunno if this would make anyone else say “hummmm I wonder…..” But, I have these nice new and expensive shoes ($109!!) would adding the 30 pound weighted vest make the soles wear out faster? Would it do anything to the curve of the shoe? I think it’s just me being a ding-a-ling. I mean I was 28 pounds heavier…That’s almost the vest weight. So wearing the vest shouldn’t make a difference. Right? Anyway, I added the jump rope 3 days this week. I was sorta good with my food choices. It’s CHRISTMAS TIME!! There is so many temptations!! Homemade cookies, fudge, breads. IT would be RUDE not to sample!! (Besides I think I heard somewhere if you stand balanced on one foot calories don’t count!? Ya know like if you eat over the sink they don’t count either. I’m sure that has to be right!!) It’s just so hard to stay on track!! (Did I mention I’m making Biscotti tomorrow?! And fudge?! I’m not real bright sometimes!!) Anyway, I’m down 28 pounds! YEA ME!! 2 pounds to go, but, with a Christmas party this Saturday I’ll be happy if I can keep from gaining 5 pounds!!

Okay here’s the beggin’ part….. vote for me … vote for me!! One vote per email address here is the so you go vote…and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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