Look Before You Leap! Making A Big Career Change Later In Life!!


We don’t feel dissatisfied with the way our life is going from time to time. If we are feeling this sense of emptiness, we need to have a look at what we are doing in our day to day life that can be changed. When you break it down, a third of our life is spent sleeping, a third of our life living it, and the other third working. If we are fed up with the Monday to Friday grind, then we have to take the opportunity to do something that makes us feel fulfilled. A lot of people are scared to do this, because it requires a leap of faith, and barging into the unknown. But, to undergo a major career change, this is far more common than it used to be. So if you are not satisfied in your life, how can you make a big career change in your life?

Try The Job

We all can suffer from the perspective of the “grass being greener on the other side”. We look at another lifestyle, and we can fantasize about it, but we just don’t know if we are going to enjoy the job unless we try it. It’s not always that simple, of course, you can very easily gain perspective of the industry, by speaking to people, or just shadowing someone for a day. This is vital, especially if we sit behind our desk in the office, idly twiddling our thumbs, we really need to know if the job we’ve been thinking about for so long is actually worth it.

Working Towards It Sensibly

Once you have weighed up all the pros and cons, and are working towards it, luckily nowadays, there are many ways for you to do this from home, around your current job. An online criminal justice program is one way if you want to join the police force or work within making the change towards being a psychologist, but you have spent the last 10 years as an accountant, you don’t have the necessary skills on paper. So, you need to think about getting the appropriate education. It’s something that can take some time in any respect, which is why you need to undertake the necessary research. If you are working towards the legal industry, an online criminal justice program is one of the many courses you can take where you don’t need to actually go to class.

You can also obtain a certificate in project management training to learn the tools, framework, and skills required to drive transformational projects. The project management field is a growing industry, and many fields like engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services need qualified managers to handle large, complex, and transformational projects. Therefore, taking an online project management course is a great way to develop career-relevant skills that are in high demand in several industries, allowing you to explore opportunities in many fields. 

The great thing about studying online nowadays is that you can fit it around your current job. So, if you are concerned that you’ll have to give up your current life in order to follow your dreams, especially if you have dependents, this is a way for you to build up your experience without you feeling the pinch in a financial sense.

Will It Actually Make You Happy?

It’s a gamble we all make in life, that we’ve worked hard towards something we think will fulfill us, but when we actually do it, and a couple of years has passed, we realize we’re back to square one. Unfortunately, we can’t really get a true opinion of if something will fulfill as in life until we’ve done it for a certain period of time. This is why, before taking that leap out of your current situation, you talk to people in the industry, you spend time networking, and you get a feel for the role, inside and out. But what we all need to think about, when we are unhappy with our current working situation is that every career choice can become a “job” now and again. There are times when even the happiest person in the world can feel bound by pressures and deadlines. There’s no such thing as the perfect job, but we can be the perfect fit for a role, although we have to make peace with the fact that nothing is completely perfect. Part of the reason we look at escaping our jobs is because we are bored. If you are looking for a challenging life, changing career may prove to be that way out, but don’t think that it’s always going to be a rose garden. Making a big career change in life is one of those decisions we can’t take lightly, but don’t feel put off by the temptation. As long as you get a full, complete perspective of the career you are fantasizing about, and you’re still adamant that you want to go for it, follow your dreams. There is no point being unhappy for one-third of our life.



  • Crystal Collier

    I agree about trying to find a sense of happy, but I think most often it comes from relationships rather than work. If we’re feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, it’s most likely because we’re disconnected from people. We need to be involved with those we love and be invested in others. Even if the day to day grind is awful, if we have those relationships, there’s sunshine somewhere in life.

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