Motivation. Beautiful Motivation!! #auratenyc

Ohhhhhhhhhh giddy Anna Oh yes! THE NON is giddy!! I have (yes! AGAIN!!) treated myself to a gorgeous piece of jewelry!! After all, us girls gotta spoil themselves! It keeps us sane! During Covid I decided that if I have to stay home I may as well work on me. So, treadmill, sit-ups, crunches and trying very hard not to eat every thing in my path. (I know you are wondering, what on earth does this have to do with jewelry!?! I’m gettin’ there, hang on.) I decided to find a “YOU DID IT” gift to give to myself. My first choice was a gold collar necklaces. LOVE ’em! L.O.V.E T.H.E.M!!  Ohhhhhhmmmmgeeeeeeeee, the collar necklace popped up and my eyes locked on a beautiful, delicate, diamond necklace.  IN MY FAVORITE setting!! Bezel setting!!!

Yes, I am feeling very spoiled. I worked hard to lose 54 pounds! (I know… AGAIN??) I still have 15 to go, I had lost my mojo, but I have to admit I’m feeling a little motivated again with my new necklace.

I believe us women have to spoil ourselves! As women, mom’s, wives, grandma’s ahhhh let’s just say ALL women should spoil themselves occasionally!! It can be as easy as an hour alone to do NOTHING. It can be a new book, a manicure. It can also be jewelry!! It keeps us sane, happy and able to care for everyone else in our life. This year my favorite gift to ME, me, me is jewelry! I mean really is jewelry ever a bad gift??

Little black dressThis necklace will never go out of style, I haven’t taken it off since it arrived. I pair it with everything! I wear it everyday!  Dressed up or dressed down (wait a minute, Covid made sure I don’t dress up! So skip that one). With jeans or a little black dress (I am a funny girl…. again Covid and besides I will have to buy a LBD when things open up again. Then I WILL rock my necklace IN a black dress). In the garden or Zooming a YayMaker paint class. I wear it ALL THE TIME!!

Zoom paint class

So little Peanuts. Two questions for you:

  1. Has Covid shut down helped you in anyway? Or is it all bad?? Bad for me would be missing the littlest Peanut, Miss Alice. I HATE that I have gone so long without a hug.
  2. Do you have a classic piece of jewelry that you have loved for years. Whether you own it now or are just secretly drooling over it.

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