My Obsession with Pens Continues!!

I love pens. I am probably the reason that people attach them to chains, put big flowers on them or just flat out say NO you can’t borrow my pen. It’s an obsession really. I love pens!! I can NOT go down the pen aisle at the store without adding one or two to the basket. It’s best if I just steer clear of that aisle all together. Don’t even get me started on Back To School time. OH MY!!

I was thrilled to be chosen to write a review for Shoplet and Pilot Pens. First, Shoplet itself, what a site!! Truly everything a blogger or business could want, need and wish for. And they have pens……. wonderful pens! Every shape, size and color!!

Starting with B2P Gel Rolling Pens. What makes these so special you ask?  Well, these are recycled from WATER BOTTLES!!!!  These Pilot pens are in FUN colors!! 0.7 mm Fine. The smooth writing of the G2 ink. These GEL ROLLER pens are refillable which makes them even cooler to me. The colors though, that’s what has me giddy!

The B2P barrel is the color of the ink. I am saving the dark green for addressing Christmas cards, it’s the PERFECT Christmas shade! The Turquoise blue is beautiful! I’m taking it with me to Hawaii for addressing postcards. It screams Hawaii to me! The purple, well, that’s in my purse. It’s the perfect ME color! All of the B2P pens write like a dream, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Pilot’s Gel Rollers. These pens write smoothly and offer VIBRANT smear free writing! The grip is latex free. At $7.49 for a five pack it’s a great buy! I LOVE these pens!! I love writing with these pens!!

Next upAcroball is the B2P Pilot Ball Point Pen. Another smooth writing instrument. Great latex free grip that’s easy to hold and easy to write with for long periods of time. This one is sold in 12 packs for $9.99. This pen writes in black ink. 1mm and medium point. Retractable pen. B2P BeGreen Ballpoint Pen get’s two thumbs WAY WAY UP!!!

Next up, is the Acroball Pen. This is a cool looking ballpoint pen in white and sea blue. This pen uses hybrid ink. So you get the smooth writing of a gel pen with the fast drying ink of a ballpoint pen. What a match made in heaven this pen is!! Retracts with a click. Rubber grip makes this pen easy to hold and easy to write with for long periods of time.  $1.53 each.

This next pen is the Pilot FriXion Clicker Erasable Gel Pen. It’s the bright blue pen in the collage above. Now this pen would have made you laugh watching me try and use the pen. It LOOKS like it should click on the top. NOPE. Maybe twist the bottom? NOPE! Maybe twist the top? NOPE!! Push the pocket clip down and the erasable roller ball pops out. The top is an eraser! This one is now permanently attached to my blogging calender. No more scratching out. Now I just erase. WOW!! Where has this pen been all my life? 0.7mm fine ball point tip. This pen writes smoothly and erases completely with little or no effort! This is the perfect classroom pen!! Perfect for us bloggers too! Blue ink and also refillable. $2.09 each and worth every single penny!

Last and not at all least is the Pilot Frixion Lite Erasable Highlighter. You’re probably wondering what could be so special about a highlighter. Well, it’s ERASABLE!!!!!! Thermo-sensitive ink formula that disappears with erasing friction. SWEET!!!  This is a bright, vibrant yellow that won’t damage my paper, books, or documents. I can highlight without smudging!  Chiseled tip. $12.31 a dozen this is a no-brainer. PERFECT highlighter!


Not a single one! Pilot pens are the perfect writing instrument. Smooth writing! Great colors. My addiction is sated for the moment.  Thank you Pilot and Shoplet.

If you haven’t checked Shoplet lately, you should! Orders over $25 ship free. The prices are awesome. The selection is vast! Toner to Notebooks, Pens to Appointment books, Folders to Chalkboards; Shoplet has it all.

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Disclosure: I have received complimentary/free products for the purpose of this review. The opinions are 100% mine. I have not been influenced in any way. I am disclosing this in accordance with Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials In Advertising. Peanut Butter And Whine.


  • Diane K. Brimmer

    I too love pens! LOL, another thing we have in common. It is nothing to go through my purse to find out why it’s so heavy and find anywhere from 8 to 10 different pens. I think I have a problem. LOL!

  • Nancy C

    I have never heard of an eraseable highlighter before! How cool! I am always looking for smooth-writing pens too. Thanks for the review.

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