No More Lost Keys Beets Blu Key Finder!

Most brilliant product EVER!! I am not sure what happened to my brain somewhere after oh 56? I lost it. I have lost my keys more in this last year than in my entire life. I don’t understand it! I’ve never been this ditsy! The Key Finder is brilliant app and key fob and seriously, no more lost keys!

Set up was a little on the confusing side for me. But once I slowed down and let the phone do it’s thing everything fell into place. Basically download the app first! That will save you a lot of time and energy. Install the battery and allow your phone to sync to the PagerTag.

I can find my keys in one of two ways with the wave symbol or with the beeping. The beep is rather quiet and my house is usually rather noisy so it could take a little extra finding time. The beep gets faster the closer you are to your keys. It’s a one touch finding gem!!
Now I need a second one for my wallet! Maybe a third for my phone??

I absolutely LOVE the fact that it can only be paired with one cell phone I think that is a great safety feature.


This device is small enough to be placed anywhere really! On the dog’s collar, in my wallet, in my carry on luggage. I could even attach it to 4 year old Alice’s backpack. This is really a genius product.

The PagerTag works with iPhone 4s (or later), iPad 3 (or later) Any smart phone with Android 5.0 (and later) with Bluetooth 4.0 hardware
and Samsung with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android* 4.3 (or later). I have a Galaxy S4 and this works perfectly.

You will need to download the free app from either iTunes or Google Play to operate your PagerTag device.

The main functions are:

1. Sound alarm in case of link loss (around 33 feet/10 meters)
2. Remote commands accessible on the key fob button press:
— Play sound
— Start/pause music playback
— Take photo
— Start/stop video recording
— Schedule reminder timer
— Talking clock reporting current time (iOS only)
— Voice memo recorder
3. Geo regions actions (iOS only):
4. Time-based alarm suspension (Android only)
5. Lost location tracking (detection on the smart phone)
6. Proximity detection with automatic sound alert


None! As forgetful as I am I should wear this on a headband in my hair!! (Connie made a funny!! Seriously, someday’s I do believe I would misplace my head if it weren’t attached!) At least my keys are safe! Well, as long as I can find my phone that is.



  • itrack

    I like this next to no gadget!! It can discover things speedier than I can!! I like that you don’t need to charge it all the time and that it is durable – since I am a “dropper”! Besides it offers a 1 year FREE substitution arrangement!!

    The main thing I’d like to ask is: How would you check if an iPhone has an iOS 7.1 or later??

  • Christy Peeples DuBois

    I do agree that these type products are brilliant and can save so much frustration. I have read a review about another type app like this but I think it was just to locate an object and didn’t do the extra things that this one does. Thanks for this review.

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