Norwex! Cleaning made E-A-S-Y!!

I hate cleaning house! You’d think it would be super easy to keep this house clean, it’s just DH and me. I kept it clean, tidy and actually guest ready when we had three kids at home. Now? Not so much! I hardly ever dust. BTW HOUSE RULES!  You move something and it leaves behind a clean spot… you dust the entire house. You have been warned.

I have been using some amazing products from Norwex. Amazing econominal products! What if I said you could clean your house with just water? What if I told you that you could dust with no spray or oils and have that shine that seems to repel dust? Well, I promise you these products can do it.

Check it OUT!! The first product I want to tell you about is the Norwex Window Cloth. This is a nice big cloth too, a full 13″ x 10″    I’m amazed at the glass cleaning abilities this cloth has. If you have an aquarium and Grandkids you have a messy tank. Trust me on this. From the Oscars in the tank and the finger prints on the outside, not to mention the water stains when the Oscars splash around. My tank is never E-V-E-R clean! Especially the outside. I used the Norwex Window Cloth alone, I sprayed NOTHING on the outside of the tank. I wiped the tank with the Window Cloth, folded it over wiped again, folded….. wiped. I did this about four times and the glass is so clean, so clear I am beyond thrilled! I used no chemicals! Did I mention this is an acrylic tank! Acrylic tank that hasn’t been this clean in the 20 years I’ve owned it!!
To clean my mirrors I did spray water on them first, yup plain ole’ water and I have clean streak free mirrors!

Next up is the Dusting Mitt. This little gem is thick, super soft and actually attracts and holds dust and allergens. This is an awesome duster. Not only is it easy to use, just slip it on and wipe. It’s great for the those hard to reach places, like my wooden shutters! SWEET!! I haven’t used any sprays or oils and yet my furniture looks polished. I’ve also noticed that my furniture is still dust free a week later.

This is a great size too 10″ x 5″.  I want a robe made of this! It’s so soft!!

Next up is Enviro Cloth. This is a BIG cloth 13” x 13” and more absorbent and truly works better than paper towels. Made of Norwex Microfiber this works great on everything from tile, stainless steel, enamel and more. I use it for everything in the kitchen. I love that this cloth holds crumbs, dirt and dust. Shake it out over the trash can, rinse the cloth and hang it to dry. DONE!! How easy is that?! With no chemicals. 

Last and definitely not least is the Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent. A detergent for all types of clothing, suitable for hot and cold water. Such a small amount, as in 2 teaspoons, cleans a FULL load of laundry. Clean, stains out, odors out, clean!

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Two thumbs and happy fish WAY up for Norwex!
Disclosure: I have received complimentary/free products for the purpose of this review. The opinions are 100% mine. I have not been influenced in any way. I am disclosing this in accordance with Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials In Advertising. Peanut Butter And Whine.


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