Old habits

When it rains it pours! Today was one bad phone call after another!!! (Watch out I’m about to let loose with some major whining!) My son has to find a new house to rent buy August 15th. My mother’s mobile home just won’t sell and now the realtor wants it painted and new carpet (we can’t afford either!) My oldest daughter has to go back in for more foot surgery. My younger daughter and her husband along with my PERFECT granddaughterwill be arriving later this week for a short visit. I’m stressing about the logistics of getting to spend time with them. (Haug Optometry is a small office. We already have one person on vacation. A second person out is wellllllll…… scary). What the HECK!??!! Everyone has to dump this on me on the SAME DAY!?!?!?! So, the logical thing to do?? Eat. Because of COURSE that’s where the solution is?!?!! HAVE I LEARNED ANYTHING in the last 4 weeks???!!??!? YES! I have!! I did stop plowing through food before things got too out of hand. Then I sat down and wrote out my stresses instead of eating more. I may not have any solutions but at least I got it all off my chest instead of keeping it bottled up.

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