On The Fly Bottle Warmer Review

I’m a “Fly Mom.”  
I was so excited to be given the opportunity to review the echo-friendly bottle warmer called the On The Fly Bottle Warmer I’m in LOVE with  this great system
Alice isn’t known for her patience at feeding time! She doesn’t care if we out running errands.  There is no excuse for not having a warm bottle immediately when she’s hungry!
The On The Fly Bottle Warmer package contains a cow print bottle cover and 3 heat packs in a convenient zippered bag. I love the cow print cover. So cute!  I do wish the bottle cover was a little longer and went up to the very top of the bottle. That’s the only complaint I have.  If I use the shorter fat bottles this will work just fine. There are 2 sizes the small for the 4 to 5 ounce bottles and the large is designed for 8 to 11 ounce bottles.  We bought the large size (small bottles aren’t cuttin’ for Alice anymore!) 
Place the full baby bottle inside the cow print cover.  

Pull the top layer up toward the nipple. Attach the warmer packet.

 Pull the top back down and the On the Fly starts right to work. You will have warm milk in 30 minutes. This sounded like a long time to me in the beginning but it really isn’t. You aren’t going to use this at home… this is for ‘on the go’.  And true to it’s name, when Baby Alice was ready to eat her bottle was a PERFECT temperature!!  When Alice was finished I loaded the second bottle and when Alice was ready to eat again…… tada!!  Warm milk!!  I used 3 bottles for our day out with the same warming pad and each bottle was just as warm as the first bottle.
The On The Fly Bottle Warmer will be forever a diaper bag staple for us!!  The system works for breast milk or formula. 
We found ours at Babies”R”Us for $21.99 I found these in the aisle with all the bottles and close to the plug in bottle warmers.  

Baby Alice and I recommend the “On The Fly Bottle Warmer” with tons of GOLD stars!!  If you are traveling or have a busy day planned you need this!!

I have been chosen to be a “Fly Mom” and will be fully reimbursed for my purchase of the On The Fly Bottle Warmer, an eco-friendly on the go baby product that uses a new green technology to safely warm baby’s milk- perfect for traveling. That’s right, no batteries, no electric and no more boiling or spilling hot water! “Like” their Facebook Page to find out more! Now available in Babies “R” Us Stores online and In Stores Near You.

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