Talking to Toddlers! Review and Giveaway!!


Talking to toddlers

I have to start with a funny…….. I’m admitting that I didn’t do the homework that I was supposed to do after listening to the first lesson.  I started listening to the second lesson and got busted right away!!  Chris Thompson the author Talking to Toddlers must have known I would skip it because he starts right out with  “I want to make ABSOLUTELY sure that you did your homework from the last lesson. I’m sure you wouldn’t have moved on to this lesson without completing your homework.  RIGHT??”
FINE!!  I felt so guilty I stopped the playback and I went did the homework.  You know, Chris was right  doing the homework really did help. The homework is IMPORTANT!!!  It triggers something in my head when dealing with the kids and I remember to try my new strategies.
For the record, without fail, I did the homework for each lesson after that.
There are 12 lessons.  Each lesson is about 10-15 minutes long.  So easy to fit into my day!
Chris truly knows what he is talking about.
My favorite lesson is the The Rule of Commitment and Consistency. OH MY GOSH! I learned so much during this lesson!  Light BULB!!   Why hadn’t I thought of that?!?!
I incorporated Commitment and Consistency into our day and I’m blown away at how much of a difference JUST this step alone has made!!
All of these lessons are easy to incorporate.  Chris states that maybe not all the lessons will work for you.  But after I finished this course I truly am trying them all.  (And thanks to Chris I do have homework written notes to refresh my memory when needed)
I believe in Chris Thompson’s Talking to Toddlers program.  I give Talking to Toddlers a ton of GOLD stars!!  I think you will too!!!!  Chris has graciously offered a copy of the Talking to Toddlers program to one lucky Peanut Butter and Whine reader!!!
P.S. remember do the homework!!  Chris knows if don’t!  Click to the next page for the easy Rafflecopter form.  Good Luck!!


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