Outfitting Your Playground With Safe and Fun Equipment

GrassOutfitting your playground with the right equipment is the best way to create a play space that your students will love. Choosing the play structures is a matter of matching your equipment to the needs of the children. There are several must-have items that you will need to build the perfect playground.

Play Structures for Toddlers

If you are outfitting a playground for toddlers, there are certain items that are a must for your playground. Toddlers like to run and climb, so climbing structures like statues, tunnels and rocks are essential. Include crawl tunnels, block panels and talk tubes to make playtime fun for your youngest students. Creating a cushion beneath your play structures is vitally important when dealing with toddlers. Little ones have delicate bones and can be easily injured in a fall. Even if you are planning an indoor playground, you will need to make sure to have adequate cushion in order to safeguard him from injury. There are many types of padding available that will allow you to enjoy a fun, yet safe playground experience.

Play Equipment for Older Children

Big kids need plenty of equipment for constant movement. Slides, see-saws and swings are great for big kids. Be sure to pad your playground with a soft surface to cushion falls. Rubber mats and synthetic grass provide soft landings and will help to avoid injuries. Artificial grass not only provides an added level of safety, but it gives your playground the look of natural grass. You can find this grass at an artificial grass wholesale retailer.

Playground Fitness Equipment

If you are planning a fitness section on your playground for adults, there are several elements that are helpful to include. A fitness section will allow parents to exercise while their children play nearby. The best equipment for a fitness playground include incline benches, pull up bars and basketball hoops. There are also specialty structures that allow exercisers to perform weight training and cardiovascular exercise. As with any playground, make sure to provide soft surfaces to avoid injury or damage to the ground.

When it comes to getting the best playground for any need or age group, matching your equipment to your audience is key. From daycare playground equipment for tiny tots to fitness equipment for adults, there are many combinations to create the perfect playground to meet your needs. Find the right playground equipment for maximum fun and safety.

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