pangshi® Shoulder Camera Bag

10 seconds on my site and you know that my camera is in my hand several times a day. How could it not? Have you seen the 3 Grandbabies that I’ve been blessed with? My regulars have literally watched them grow up!!

The Husband bought me my DSLR Nikon D700 camera a few years ago. I love this camera!! I REALLY LOVE this camera. I travel everywhere with this camera. From Legoland to San Diego Zoo and everywhere else in between. I don’t always travel with all of my lenses my new camera bag is perfect! First, it’s pink and grey; one of my favorite color combinations ever.

The pangshi® camera bag is compact Shoulder Camera Case Bag a little over 10″ long and 6.2″ deep and 9.6″ wide.  This camera bag is lightweight too at slightly over a pound. The material is waterproof which means my camera is protected outside! YEAH!!

The DSLR Shoulder Camera Case is very well padded all the way around; there are even padded, detachable dividers that I can move to fit my camera and lenses.
There is a little padding under the shoulder pad as well, the shoulder pad is large with a netting on one side that keeps the shoulder strap from sliding off your arm. VERY handy feature!!
The main area is large enough to hold my Nikon and a couple of my smaller lenses.
There are 2 flat pockets on the outside that I can slip my ID and paperwork or extra memory cards.
There are pockets on each end as well that can hold my extra batteries, charger and my car keys in the other.
Secure! Yes, this camera bag is very secure! From the clip in the front along with Velcro tabs keep the top securely closed. Under the main top flap is a double zippered opening.


This case is very padded which is really protects my camera. It’s compact and lightweight. It closes very securely with clips and Velcro too. Of course it’s pink!



  • Tamra Phelps

    I like it. It looks like it has plenty of room & a lot of padding. But your camera is going to fall off of that rail, lol!!

  • Rosie

    This does look like an excellent bag for a good camera. I have a camera, that I had been taking around with me in my pocketbook, but that wasn’t such a good idea. Now I put my camera away and haven’t used it in a couple of years. I need to get a good bag like this and start using it again- it was so much fun!


    It certainly is well padded (a bit like myself!). The wide shoulder strap is always good news (ask anyone with big boobs!).

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