Saint Patrick’s Day GIVEAWAY!! #CatholicCentral #SaintPatricksDayTraditions

Are you ready for some GREEN!?!?  Some pinching? Some green food? Some leprechauns? Pots of gold? Yes, all the fun stuff that surround Saint Patrick’s Day. BUT, did YOU KNOW?!?………………… March is actually the time to celebrate the life of St. Patrick, he is the patron saint of Ireland who helped introduce Ireland to Christianity.

So, in the spirit of St. Patrick, Catholic Central wants know how you rock your green?!! Do you have a green inspired feast for St. Patrick’s Day, do you ALWAYS don your best green outfit?? Or are you like me and wear RED for the kisses!!???  (Is that something I just made up or is that a real thing?)  Do you spend time breaking Soda Bread with friends? I’d love to know what traditions you have! I’m thinking I’m going to make some GREEN bread and some Irish stew!

In the spirit of the season, be sure to check out the “5 Ways to Have a Shamrockin’ St. Patrick’s Day” download for some fun ways you can celebrate the Shamrockin-est holiday of all!

 photo shamrock_image_zps1pwdw1k4.png

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AND of COURSE there is a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out the Saint Patrick’s Day Feast Kit! Which includes:

1- Bamboo Cheese Board with slide out drawer
4 – Stainless steel cutting and serving knives
And more!

No, you don’t have to be Catholic to enter or to win so good luck little Peanuts!!!

Thank you Catholic Central for providing the prizes. [reviewdisclaimer]


  • Paula Pennachio

    I like the Saint Patrick’s day Feast one the most. Everything looks good, I would be anxious to see what all I got

  • Amy D

    I love to “make some green treats.” I usually get a fun dessert recipe from Pinterest that is easy and fun for my daughters to make with me. I also make corned beef and cabbage. I wear green and pretend that a leprecaun has visited our home by putting glitter and gold coins throughout the house. I also put green food dye in things like the toilet and my daughter water cup. My daughter set up a boobie trap last night, and she is determined to catch a leprecaun this year.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Well, I like my food, so making green treats is my favorite suggestion, lol. Green cupcakesh, green Rice Krispie Treats, green cookies…you name it, I’m in.

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