SelfisticK by PhotoBOMB ★ Selfie Stick Promotion Review

At nearly forty years old my daughter Selena fought the cool kid selfie stick phenomenon as long as she could. Then she realized that that it doesn’t just have to be used for taking pictures of herself. It’s great for pictures of groups and candid’s of her kid.

This Bluetooth PhotoBOMB is so easy to use that a three-year-old can take great photos too. It really is a lot of fun to let Alice wander around and take her own selfies. I can’t wait for my Wallpics arrive. Imagine a gallery wall of canvas shots taken by a three-year old Alice. How fun will that be?

How to use: Pair your phone Bluetooth to the selfie stick When you are ready to use the stick: Simply Insert your phone into the holder. Turn the Bluetooth switch at the bottom of the stick on. It’ll turn blue and link to your phone. You can adjust the holder for angle and the telescoping arm for distance. Push the button and capture that memory!

Truly, the PhotoBOMB is the Selfie Stick YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! This selfie stick is first, designed in the USA; which I love being able to support American businesses!

There is another important feature of the PhotoBOMB it’s well made, this is not a cheaply made selfie stick. Our phones are securely inserted with absolutely no wobble, twisting or most importantly falling out!! Our phones are SAFE!! EVEN when being wielded by a 3-year-old.

SelfisticK by PhotoBOMB is Sleek, Innovative, Durable,


Why is PhotoBOMB’s Selfie Stick Better?

Attractive and Modern Look
✓ Created to appeal to guys and girls of all ages.
✓ Stylish and Fun, not ugly and flashy.
✓ Unlike ALL the others, SelfisticK is DESIGNED IN THE U.S.A.

Manufactured to the Highest Quality Standards
✓ 4th Generation Bluetooth Technology ensures your device pairs in seconds and functions perfectly.
✓ Thicker internal wiring and a Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that lasts up to 100 hours.
✓ New No-Slip Groove ensures it doesn’t wobble or twist when extended.
✓ Extra Durable mount can handle any mobile phone, even with a case, without breaking or slipping.


Not a single one. Well made, STRONG, durable and so easy to use that a 3-year-old can use it!!


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