Shame on me!

This first one is soooooooo true!!  And I am their QUEEN!!!!!! 
COME on!!  That’s funny!! (TOLD you I was their QUEEN!!)

Can’t help it….. that’s just funny. 

This one is just kinda cool.

Hillbillie GPS

So to my children I ask “Still think Dad and his white socks and sandals was embarrassing?!?!

BarbiQ. Thank heavens my children didn’t have Internet when they were growing up. I’m 100% certain this would be MY STOVE, MY KITCHEN!!

 Ohhhhhhhhhh Selena!!!  I think we found a stroller a WHOLE lot cheaper for BabyT!

I wonder if you get the pretty lights too??

I don’t care HOW much I need a MickyD fix…. the answer is NO!!!

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