Skin Tight Body Firming Lotion Review

Skin Tight

I’m going to start this review right off the bat with a ‘whine’, this aging thing? It’s for the BIRDS!!!  At one time I had firm toned skin…. now it’s all loose and well, SAGGY!!  I do NOT like it and I wish it to STOP NOW!!!

There are all sorts of reasons why your skin begins to sag, from weight loss to sun damage (I’m very guilty of this one!! WEAR YOUR SUN SCREEN!!) So, let’s start with a few reasons your skin starts to sag:

Free radicals (sun damage, smoke, pollution, internal pollutants (soft drinks, smoke, certain foods & more. (green tea helps this)

Pregnancy – Rapid weight loss combined with loss of hydration and fluids

Lack of body moisture deep in the skin (emu oil, hyaluronic acid) – Lack of hydration, sun exposure, humidity, temperature and wind

Loss of collagen in the skin (emu oil, soluble collagen) – Typical with natural aging leading to wrinkling, sagging, tissue looseness and thinning of epidermis layer

Clogged skin pores not allowing skin to reproduce (green tea) – Lack of “breathing” that allows natural tissue sebaceous oils to hydrate and moisturize

Lack of nutrition for the skin – mainly Omega 3’s, minerals and nutrients (emu oil)

** Emu oil is the only oil that we have found that penetrates deep enough in the skin to raise moisture content in a short period of time. This is vital to firm skin.
I’ve been using Nourish Skin Tight a Body Firming Lotion. In the morning and at night before bed for the last 2 weeks.  First, the scent Orange Love Spell is divine! I would wear this lotion for the scent alone!!  Next is the feel, this makes my skin feel so smooth and soft!! I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE the feel of my skin using Skin Tight. Even after a long day my skin still feels soft!
Skin Tight contains **Emu Oil, Omega Blends, an unprecedented amount of Green Tea (which is known for it’s slimming qualities. The ingredients all work together to increase skin elasticity, while super-moisturizing and firming skin.
Skin Tight brings together collagen and elastin fibers resulting in younger looking, tighter skin. Matrixyl® 3000 and Collagen III® smooth-out wrinkling sagging and looseness leaving your body feeling and looking younger and more healthy!
Skin Tight is all natural which means you aren’t going to be clogging your pores with petrolatum, dimethicone. There is no lanolin or anything cheap that will clog your pores!!

Skin Energizer

So, after two weeks of use, morning and night I see enough of a difference to continue to use Skin Tight. It’s a slow process, but then my skin didn’t start sagging over night!! I have been concentrating on my face and neck. Especially my neck. That seems to be my worst nightmare! problem areas. You don’t need a lot, I believe the bottle I have will easily last six to eight weeks.  I can invest $15.95 in myself! What about you? Where will you use Skin Tight??

Thank you for reading! I’ll see you tomorrow.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  • olivera

    This is my first review on a product, but I had to tell you guys that the Somaluxe Firming Lotion does work. I’m a heavy girl, and this stuff truly works. I’ve only been using this product for a few days but I can already see results on my thighs and stomach. My skin is softer, tighter, and the cellulite on my thighs is visibly reduced.

  • ANN*H

    This is what I need too. Us woman have a lot of things that happens to us that causes us to loose the firmness in our skin. I did not know green tea helps with this. Thanks for the information

  • ANN*H

    I agree there are lots of things that causes a womans skin and body to loose its firmness.
    This sounds like a good firming cream that I would use. I also didnt know green tea will help with this . Thanks for the info on it.

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