Small Businesses Need Big Technology Solutions

As a small business, it’s so easy for you to feel like you’re only ever going to be a small business. There will be days where you barely make any profit at all, and there will be days where you’re making so much profit, that you feel as though you’re actually going  to break through that profit margin. But for the most part, you’re stumbling through the days, and everything is a learning curve. One of the things that’s most definitely going to be a learning curve for most of you, is the use of your technology. The technology and services that you use at the minute might go as far as the computer that you work on, and the phones that you answer. But technology can do so much more for your business, and we just think it’s so important that you take the time to understand what it can actually do for your business. So, we’re going to show all you small businesses, the big technology solutions that we think will make all of the difference to the running of your business.
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Better Data Storage

Data storage is something you might not have considered as a small business. The more time you spend building relationships with customers, and the more time you spend actually building your business, the more data that you’re going to collect. Now this data is going to be so valuable to both you, your customers, and to anyone else who might want to get their hands on it. It’s the people who might want to get their hands on it that you need to try and protect your data against. Plexus IT is just one of the companies that we think can help you do that, by utilizing data storage solutions, such as the cloud and many more, to benefit your business. Not only will it make the organisation so much better, but it’ll be that all important safety improvement that you need.

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual private networks are definitely something you need to look into. Because as a small business, it’s likely that you’re going to be working on the go, as often as you seem to be working in the office. But the problem here is, you’re most likely going to connect to Wi-Fi in cafes and what not, putting everything you’re doing at risk. But a virtual private network is something that you connect to once you’re connected to the Wi-Fi, and it protects all of the browsing that you’re doing, making it far safer, easier, and beneficial for you.

Better Office Software

Better office software is something you definitely want to try and use, because the better the software that you have, the more efficient you’re going to be able to work, and the better you’re going to be able to understand your business. So, think about office software such as profit tracking, VoIP phone systems, and software that will allow you to better your marketing campaigns, such as the social media accounts you’re most likely running.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I can see how these would be important to any business, especially a small one that wants to grow. I never would’ve thought of them.

  • Rosie

    There is much to know if you want to have a small biz and do it right, don’t just nail a sign to the wall. Many people doing biz with them are taking risks such as having their data stolen. It isn’t cheap to start a biz the right way.

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