Small Businesses – This Is How You Tell Your Story

Whats your story

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The best brands are built on quality stories. Yes, the products and services are industry-leaders too, yet the likes of Apple and Coca-Cola are known as much for their adverts and marketing campaigns as what they sell.

You may not see many similarities between you and huge billion-dollar companies, but one thing you share is a story. If you tell it properly, as they do, you’ll transform your fortunes and become more than a local business with potential.

The trick is to figure out how to sell it. Continue reading to find out more and to learn the basics of the art of storytelling.

Push Your Humble Beginnings

Apple may be powerful beyond compare, with only Amazon snapping at its heels, yet consumers, whether rich or poor, can connect with the brand. From a wealthy point of view, the business sells high-end products and services that they want, but how do working-class shoppers buy-in? It’s through the business’s beginnings. The story of Steve Jobs crafting the Apple Mac in his parents’ garage is synonymous with the items they sell, even if they cost upward of $1,000. The same goes for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook (he did it in a dorm room). People will feel an emotional connection if you can push a ‘rags to riches’ story.

Create A Strong ToV

When was the last time you stopped to listen to someone in the street who didn’t grab your attention? The answer is never because you wouldn’t have noticed them in the first place. Storytelling is the same as public speaking – you need to be compelling. A strong tone of voice is essential as it’s the vehicle for the tale, and it will go off track if your voice derails. Often, it’s smarter to outsource the job – see more by clicking the link – as you may not understand the intricacies of storytelling. This is especially true if you haven’t produced a video or written copy.

Broadcast your Story

Unfortunately, a strong tone of voice will only get you so far. To raise awareness, you have to get your message out into the public domain so that it is easy to consume. Thankfully, social media platforms make this pretty straightforward as a single account can reach thousands of people in seconds. However, you will need to tweak the tale, depending on the medium. A YouTube video is different from an Instagram or Twitter post.

Negate Consumer Conflicts

Every brand should focus on the pitfalls that prevent customers from taking action. If there weren’t any issues, consumers wouldn’t require your help. With that in mind, it’s vital to frame your story around the things that get in the way of life or business. That way, you can highlight why your services are necessary and encourage more people to buy into the story. Two elements to concentrate on are the process and product.

How do you do things differently, and what does it do that none else can?


  • Kate Sarsfield

    What really annoys me is the way major companies ‘greenwash’ their products by reducing plastic etc. “Aren’t we great?” “See, we do care about you” all the while destroying the planet and treating indigenous people appallingly.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    It was all so different when my sister & I set up our own business in those distant pre-internet days. Back then the filofax was indispensable!

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