So I had an idea!!

So I had this great idea….. I want to try a whole year (ROFLMAO! did I actually say that out loud??) of a REAL picture for my blog.  You know I always include a picture that I think goes with my “post of the day” WELLLLLLL what if I could find something in the house…… in the neighborhood……. in my scrapbook that would work?  Could I do it?  I dunno… I wanna try.  Sooooooo let’s start with today.

DH had his appointment for the heart doctor.. (ahhh tooo easy!! Picture of DH with HEARTS!  I love to collect heart shapes. These are nature made heart rocks).  We are a go for the paddles. (or in medical terms: Automated external defibrillator.  We are waiting for the hospital to call with our check in day and time.

So we came home and sat down to watch some some of our DVR stuff and we heard a whistling noise… that came FROM the TV! Smell BAD!!  TV .. oh wait.. Hey Zac.. that TV we borrowed… ummmmmmmmm well, we need to talk.

So what do you do when the TV is broke?  It’s late in the day… you’re waiting for the hospital to call?  First you take pictures of the dog…… ROFLMAO!! Is that not a the perfect picture of a teenager saying REALLY?? why?? HOW many MORE?!?!  LOL which … you know it means I kept snapping…
Well, that lasted a little while… then I turned on the cooking channel… and now we’re having split pea soup with ham.  YUM!

Okay sooo don’t get all excited by today’s flurry of’s new and shiny. From here on I’m hoping for one REAL picture a day.  Wish me luck!  Now.. it’s SOUP!!

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