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Soft Feet OVERNIGHT!! #zimsusa

Flip flops are a way of life for me. I am barefoot or in flip-flops almost year around. It’s a great perk for living in Southern California! ‘Course it doesn’t even out the whole earthquake thing but it’s a great perk none the less.

Since I’m in flip-flops or barefoot so much a pedicure is my favorite indulgence. I wish I could convince The Husband it was a necessity then I could get a heavenly hour of pampering more often than I do now. He isn’t buying into the whole NEED thing. (Yet! Mahuuuuaaahaaaah; for those of you that can’t read Connie speak yet, that’s my evil laugh. Go read it again, I’ll wait)

One of the best parts of a pedicure, after the foot massage of course is how soft my feet are afterwards.

zim's Max Crack CremeTo maintain soft feet and keep my feet feeling soft and my heels looking nice I’ve been using Zim’s Max Crack Creme in the original liquid formula. Max Crack Creme comes out of the bottle like water but thicker, but not as thick as oil. I don’t know how to describe the consistency!! As you put a few drops of this liquid into the palm of your hand you’re going to wonder how this could possibly heal the cracks in your heels. I know I did!! But a couple of drops massaged into the cracked dry skin immediately, and I do mean IMMEDIATELY goes to work. My cracked heels looked instantly smoother with noticeably less cracks. The liquid smooths into the skin like an oil, but it absorbs immediately. Leaves absolutely no greasy traces behind it does feel almost tacky to the touch until the creme absorbs completely. This doesn’t stain my bed sheets or socks.
PBnWhine Zim's Crack Creme Original Formula Zim's Crack Creme Original Formula

NOT just great for feet!! After massaging the Crack Creme into my heels I massage what’s left into my cuticles. My cuticles get so dry that I chew on them. Ummm ewwww. Then because I chew on them they get dry and it’s a vicious cycle.

Zim’s Max CRACK Creme Original Liquid Formula comes in a 2 ounce size which really will last you a long time. I use this in the morning and at night. The formula is an All-Natural multi-use liquid herbal formula that softens and moisturizes dry, cracked skin.

I recommend using this more often in the beginning if your cracks are severe or your feet or hands hurt due to dryness. This really will help heal the cracks and dry skin in no time. From your feet to cuticles and don’t forget your elbows and knees. Developed by a pharmacist over 60 years ago when cement workers came to him complaining of dry, cracked skin on their hands and feet. This oil formula features Arnica Flower Extract and Myrcia Oil.

The creme has a very herbal scent that I KNOW… I just can’t place it. It smells good and when I think of what the scent reminds me of I’ll let you know.

Zim’s Crack Creme is truly a little miracle in a bottle. I am so pleased that without having to use files or pumice stones or other torture device I am able to get rid of those nasty cracks with an all natural, easy to use, pleasant smelling creme and in record time.

zims Max Crack Cream Daytime FormulaI have had no adverse reactions. No stinging, no irritation. There are two formulas. The Creamy Daytime Formula and Original Liquid Formula. The Daytime Formula is a great lotion to keep in my bag. I use it on my hands throughout the day and love how quickly it absorbs and leaves my hands soft and not greasy! But, truly my favorite is the Original Liquid. I can’t get over how quickly my dry skin healed. I want to say it one more time, this stuff is liquid GOLD!!

I have pictures that I took of my feet before I used my Zim’s Max Crack Creme and after. Then, I thought so many of you read my posts with your breakfast. Ain’t nobody need so see these feet with their tea or coffee first thing in the morning. I really do want you to come back tomorrow!  Just know that my feet look and feel soft and no longer embarrassing!

Besides Crack Creme, Zim’s makes more than two dozen first aid and topical pain relief products. My Max Freeze Patches are a favorite and I always have Zim’s Advanced Cold Sore Treatment in the medicine chest.  (seriously, if you are cold sore prone? Get this!!

Zim’s products are available everywhere. Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Amazon and so many, MANY more places. Just look for that bright yellow daisy and you know you have the correct product!

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