Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow!! The BEST There Is!!

Summer is coming to an end. I don’t want to sound too excited here but ….. there are only 19 days of summer left.  We’ve been doing some long car trips; mostly day trips and outings that are designed to wear the kid out. So, trips to the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Safari Park; where if I’ve done my job correctly 6-year-old Alice sleeps all the way home!

Now; after seeing her little neck all scrunched up and at such weird angles as she sleepNeck pillow for all size travelerss in her car-seat I’ve been on the hunt for a travel pillow.  The trouble with most of them; ie ALL of them; actually put her head at an even worse angle. Then I found this amazing and by far the most intriguing neck pillow I’ve ever come across. Ovillow.
Unique neck pillow!!

I really didn’t want a blow up a pillow. They aren’t usually the most comfortable to lay on. I’m giddy over this particular pillow because it cuts down the items I’m carrying around. We even bring this one into the movie theater with us!  Ovillow Travel pillow

This neck pillow is AMAZING!!! Unique, soft covered in a soft green bamboo, comfortable and warm! It’s like being able to cut a section of a down comforter and take it with you. You can wrap the pillow once, twice even three times (for kids anyway) around your neck. You can make it looser and hold your hands insides.

The last long car trip I handed the pillow to the 6-year-old and said this is a neck pillow to rest your head on so you can take a little power nap. No instructions. Just the pillow. 20 minutes later she was OUT!!
The perfect travel pillow from Ovillow
This is the most amazing pillow. I keep it in the car at all times. I will take it when we travel by plane as well. It’s warm, comfy and makes an amazing pillow!!! It’s also perfection to rest the laptop on when it’s not being used as a pillow, simply roll it up and rest it in your lap. It really does keep the heat from the laptop becoming unbearable.


Pfffttttt, soft, flexible, comfortable, supportive, warm, perfect color; what could I possibly whine about?!?! Except maybe I have to fight a freakishly strong 6-year-old when I want to use the pillow.

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  • Rosie

    Alice is so darn cute, and a perfect model! I’ve been looking at travel pillows, but to sit on! Like a whoopie cushion! LOL. I like to sit on the floor, but something to make it better than what I’m using, a chair cushion, not “cushy” enough. This is interesting…I need to check it out!

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