Solar Powered External Battery Review

I am officially 14 days away from camping in Yosemite!! I am prepared this year!! I have a SOLAR powered external 5300mah battery. No more having to start the car up to charge my phone. THANK HEAVENS!! NOW all I have to do is to hang this Mengo S-Power Solar backup battery Charger onto my backpack and walk around! SaaaWEEEET!!

Starting with looks! This is a nice looking battery. It has a rugged look and feel to; I chose the black with red accents to review.

What I’m most excited about is the fact that it’s shock-proof and water-resistant!! When we climb up to the falls in Yosemite not only does everything get wet but I tend to bump around a lot. I’m actually not the most graceful of climbers. Now, before you get all excited, I don’t mean climb like with hooks and such, I mean climb as in hike. Hiking straight up a rocky path is exhausting but not dangerous or crazy like the folks that actually SLEEP on the sides of mountains! I promise you will never. EVER. Find me sleeping attached to a rock!!

This year I’ve already attached my 5300Mah Solar Assist Back-up Battery to my backpack. I am ready!!!  This battery charger features dual USB Port Smart Charge Technology which means that not only can I charge my Galaxy S4 phone but I can also charge my iPad!! My daughter can charge her iPhone. Everyone will be happy!! AND I will be less stressed; y’all know how hard it is for me to be unplugged for SEVEN FULL DAYS!! I can’t do it!! I just can’t do it!!

When I’m not camping out I can also charge the S-Power extended backup battery by plugging it into the wall charger or my computer.

When you are using sunlight to charge the S-Power extended battery it does take significantly longer.  NOT a problem because I’m not texting and climbing. Fell once because I wasn’t watching where I was going. Falling hurts!!

The S-Power from Mengo comes in this snazzy black and red, all black and a camo color. BONUS! The Micro cable is AND carabiner are both included.


Not a single one!! This Mengo Solar Powered charger is rugged, durable, lightweight and DEPENDABLE!!!  The charger is easy to hold due to the slip proof rubber casing. There is also an emergency LED flashlight. With 5300 mAh, I have enough power to charge 2 mobile phones simultaneously or my iPad. What could I possibly whine about?


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