WEDGiTS Imagination Set Review

I love toys that inspire the Grandkids to use their imagination. The WEDGiTS Imagination Set does just that. This is not your average building set! This is a building set that not only stacks, nests but can also be wedged together. All of the pieces are uniquely shaped.
3-Year-Old Alice loves building with her WEDGiTS and builds something new and uniquely different every time.

I really do love discovering interesting educational toys; things that challenge Alice’s mind are my favorite. Alice is drawn to the bright fun colors and the unique shapes. I believe all kids would be drawn to this set.

WEDGiTS are perfect for kids of all ages!! As soon as your kids can stack items they can build with WEDGiTS. From 18 months kids could stack these shapes together and older kids can wedge them together for really complicated and fun structures.

Each time Alice plays with this set she does so for the longest time!! They’re great for encouraging open-ended creative play and developing spatial skills. Did you know that spatial skills can predict a young person’s achievement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; it’s also crucial for the architect, sculptor, and surgeon. So get those kids some imagination building sets!!

We received the 15 piece set of WEDGiTS Imagination Set which includes solid plastic, geometric shapes or rhombus, octahedron, square, 90 degree parts and elongated arms. I love that I can add to this set with the Xtras Board and Xtras Cards & STiX Kit sets to creative even more designs.

WEDGiTS have won several awards including the Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center and Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Awards and a Teacher’s Choice Award from Learning Magazine!!

The WEDGiTS line includes:

Wee WEDGiTS Ages 1 to 3
WEDGiTS Ages 2 to 10
WEDGNETiX Ages 5 and up
Mini WEDGiTS Ages 5 to 12
Check the WEDGiTS site for more imagination building sets.

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Not a single one! Alice has a great time building with this set. Who knows maybe I’m helping to shape the mind of an upcoming surgeon?!?!



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