Storytime Yoga

I won a copy of Storyland Yoga from Parent Palace.  
I am in LOVE with this video!!!!!!  
Emma is 3, Eli is 19 months and they had a BLAST!!!  
This is the first time playing the Storyland Yoga dvd and the kids kept up with NO PROBLEMS!!!!! Ahmed Fahmy is a wonderful instructor.  The kids were 100% enthralled with Ahmed’s story telling that go along with instruction for the poses.  Storyland Yoga is so much fun!!  It’s easy to follow allow along Ahmed.  There is enough time  between poses for the kids to follow along. 
AND…. here’s Nonnie’s big bonus!!!  It’s exercise!!  THEY were TIRED afterwards!! Ahhhhhhhh 10 minutes of quiet!!  
Emma and Eli give Storyland Yoga 4 thumbs up!!
Thank you Parent Palace and Storyland Yoga!!!  We LOVE our new dvd!! 

I love the look that Eli is giving Emma here… HOW are you doing that!?!?!

 Remember… this is the first time that Emma and Eli watched Storytime Yoga!  That’s how easy this dvd is to follow!!  I’m thinkin’ you should get this video for a stocking stuffer!


How cute is this little Yogi?!?!?!?

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  • Momma Borduin

    Oh my goodness! Look at my little girl GO! It’s like she’s been doing this her whole life or something. Eli…well he’s having a blast trying (not to mention learning a lot of valuable lessons on body parts, and body mechanics! ) Seriously…I am super impressed! I am thinking Santa will have to leave a Storytime Yoga DVD in their stockings this year!!! 🙂

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