Thank you!

I took the next step in weight loss today with the help of my ummmmmm “soooooo happy to help” daughter Selena. We sorted, we steamed, we grouped outfits and my “sooooooo wonderful helpful daughter” Selena took pictures of all of the items (all maybe 200? could be more… maybe) all to be sold on ebay. Selena had no idea just how much HELP she was offering. Did I mention she is SOOOOO sweet?! Sooooo helpful! Cheerful!!
 Ohhh and sooooo PRETTY!!!   Thank you Selena!!! I love you!!! (I have to keep kissing up! We still have measuring and posting to do! Wait… Selena I ummmm mean “I” more than “WE” HONEST!! But I’ll still be over next Thursday!)

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