That’s the way to start a day!!

I’ve been overwhelmed and the tinest bit grumpy (just don’t ask my kids or DH for that matter! JUST how grumpy!) Just know that, I’m calm and peaceful again…… My day started with a LOVELY WIN from Annette at  I won a set of SweatyBands!  I sooo love the name! So CUTE!! Stylish little headbands! I can’t wait for them to arrive.  Being home with DH so much lately I am always grabbing a headband now they’ll be CUTE headbands!!  I won with just ONE entry!!  SEE?!!?  Didn’t I tell you this was a FUN hobby!!??  And you really only have to enter ONCE to win!!

So, after I answered my email to Annette, then went to get the mail (mailbox I check everyday!) in the yard I mow every Friday…. laying in the grass (ok, the weeds!) was this…….. remember me?  I love love love to collect hearts found in nature…. heartshaped rocks, wood, leaves… LOVE THEM!! This one is perfect!
Next step in my calming day was an emailbox of encouraging emails from my girls “the loop” (The Loop, consists of these 6 amazing women! The 7 of us have been on line friends for 16+  years! I’ve only met 2 in person and yet we talk every single day! These women are my rocks) This mornings emails were so encouraging and comforting I didn’t think my day could get any better! And yet, it did…. I was able to get away and go enjoy a 90 minute massage!!! (compliments of my daughter Selena)!!  I can’t even tell you how much I needed that massage….. during the massage the song “From a Distance” came on, the lyrics “God is Watching us….” the song has been playing over and over in my head all day. Reminding me, God will never give me more than I can handle.  

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