On the way home from DH’s cardiologist appointment and we pass our son Zachary in his car headed the other way. I told DH “Quick! Call Zac, so he can turn around”
Ummmmm hummmmmm except he DIDn’t stop at home!!  Ohhhhh Zachary!! Soooo busted!! with in .05 miles from home and didn’t stop in?!?! WHAT?!?!

Ohhhhhooooo Zachary!! I told you, I know when you’ve been bad even if I don’t SEE you do it!! (It’s a Mom thing!)

Now for today’s cool giveaway to enter………….

Over at The B Keeps us Honest to win this little Monkey rattle. How adorable is this little guy??  I need him for BabyT!!
So by now you know the drill……. go, enter, win and mail it to me!  Okay fine….. can we share? This giveaway ends April 4th, 2011.
Good luck!
And Zachary! Remember MOM is always watching!!

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