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The Hurtle Vibrating Fitness Machine Review

FitnessCheck out the Hurtle a Vibrating Fitness Machine; a machine that gives me flashbacks to the 50’s when women used the vibrating belt exercisers. This is more modern, more levels and easy to use. That kinda gives away my age doesn’t it? I am closer to 60 than I care to realize! I am not in shape. (Okay, round is technically a shape…. just not the shape I want!) I made 2016 the year that this NaNa get’s in shape. (Better late than never!) What drew me to this machine is that I only need 10 minutes a day to help me burn fat, lose weight, improve muscle strength, improve my stability as well.

Starting with the machine itself this arrives very well packaged in dense styrofoam. The machine itself is HEAVY weighing in at about 52 pounds! Thankfully there is a handle on one side and roller on the opposite so the machine is easy to move around. Once you find the spot you want the Hurtle to sit there are strong suction cups on the bottom to keep the machine in place while you are exercising. There are loops on each end so you can add the resistance bands. Which in the video I said that they weren’t very strong. I miss spoke; SERIOUSLY miss spoke. My arms are shaking so much right now I can hardly type! The top has an anti-slip mat embedded that really helps my feet stay planted firm barefoot or with shoes on.

The Hurtle Fitness Machine comes with a remote control. This allows you to really personalize your workout. You can change the speed, and the way the machine vibrates; even a 3D oscillating which feels like being on a balance board that is vibrating like crazy. There are also 3 pre-programmed modes that are awesome!! The sessions run for the full 10 minutes (which is all you need!) they changing speeds and movements I promise you sweating is involved. AND SORE arms. AND sore legs. I can’t believe this gives you a real workout. A serious workout.


The Hurtle vibrating fitness platform vibrates and does all the work while I just stand there! Okay, I don’t actually just stand there, I do squats, pull on the resistant bands and watch television. I can feel the workout in my ABS, thighs, buttocks, calves and arms the moment I get off the Hurtle.
I do hope that the folks at Hurtle add tighter resistance bands so that I can constantly add more resistance to my workouts, cause this girl is GOING to be fit!!



  • Tamra Phelps

    Hey, I’m 51 & I remember those crazy things back in the 70s! (At a gym my Mom went to.) They also had these things that you sat on & these wooden ‘rolling pin’ type things would rotate & basically hit your butt over & over—supposedly this helped you lose fat or cellulite?? Lolol. This machine seems to involve actual exercise, so it has a much better chance of working!

  • Sarah L

    I remember that picture. Never wanted one or knew anybody who had one.
    Have no interest in the updated version, but I wish you luck.

    • Connie Gruning

      Nancy, I have to wonder because I truly didn’t think this machine would be a real workout. But, I am sweating like crazy within 2 minutes. I don’t understand why it works this well, but I’ll update with my progress.

  • Cathy French

    Wow that first picture is a blast from the past. No I’m not that old to remember them but I do remember my mom talking about them.


    Connie, we remember those vibrating belts ONLY because we saw them on telly in re-runs! I wonder if I could use this machine to scramble eggs?

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