The Perfect Summer Picnic Blanket Review!

If you are looking for a picnic blanket hold on to your hats because I found the PERFECT ONE!! Seriously, this is a picnic blanket to beat all picnic blankets!

We celebrated Alice’s 4th birthday at the park. This outdoor blanket truly saved the day. Somewhere along the way wires got crossed and we didn’t have enough seating for everyone. TaDA!! The NaNa saves the day by bringing out this treasure. Yaaaa….. at first I wasn’t sure Alice intended to share with anyone. Then she wanted EVERYONE on the blanket!

We LOVE the color! The softness and the size too!

Seriously, y’all know the only reason I have a blog is to show off pictures of my family; right?

This outdoor blanket from Pratico Goods is 60″ by 80″ with a soft cuddly cotton fleece top and (drum roll please…)a waterproof, cushioned backing that prevents you from getting wet because of wet surfaces!



FINALLY a blanket that I CAN fold back to its original fold. Other outdoor blankets that I have I end out just rolling them up and throwing them in the back of the car. Not this one! This one is actually easy to fold the way it’s SUPPOSE to look!! Next awesome feature is the fact that this outdoor blanket folds to about the size of my purse, measuring about 10″ and weighing far less than my purse at 1.3 pounds!!

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I have absolutely NO whines!! This is a huge blanket, it’s soft, it’s durable, NO water or dampness gets through to the top side. It’s big enough for a real picnic! With normal size people!!  I am thoroughly thrilled with this blanket! It’s earned a permanent place in my car; I’m ready to sit outside. ANYTIME!!


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