EV Beauty Proline Ceramic-Tourmaline Ion Flat Iron Review

Who would have thought that by using the flat-iron I could actually give my hair MORE shine!! AMAZING!! I’m thoroughly in love with this flat-iron. This EV Beauty Proline Ceramic-Tourmaline Ion Flat Iron. Ceramic-tourmaline ion plates are what help your hair have that shine and locks moisture into the hair follicles.  My hair looks so much healthier with some serious shine after I use this iron!

What sets this beauty tool apart from others that I have used is first, I set the temperature of the iron. To me that is one of the most important features; what’s great for my hair is not what’s great for everyone else’s. I like to set the iron at 300º, for my very thin hair that’s the ideal setting. The EV Beauty Proline allows you to adjust the temperature all the way up to 450º. You truly can find the perfect temperature for your hair.

Next favorite feature; this iron heats up FAST!! I’ve found that in under a minute the iron is ready to go. The heat is spread out evenly throughout the plates.  It heats up so fast that I have absolutely no excuse not to add a little style to my hair. I start at the crown of my head and add some volume. The one pass down the length of my hair and curl under. DONE! Super fast, only one pass is all I need.

I LOVE the size of this iron! 1″ which is perfect for getting closer to my roots so that I can give my hair some volume. I LOVE this iron for adding curl too! I just roll the iron closer to my scalp and twist as I follow to the ends.

I don’t know about you, but for me, if my hair looks good I feel good!

This really is a professional-quality flat-iron and I am thoroughly impressed.

The EV Beauty Proline is also compact in size; perfect for travel. I am a bare minimum packer, traveling with only one bag so this fits that requirement perfectly!


Not a single one. This is a fantastic flat-iron!! Light enough to do my perfect hairstyle. Thin enough to make great curls. Compact enough to travel with. What’s there to whine about?


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