Top 9 Reasons Why Physical Therapy Is Important

Sometimes you can treat pain through physical therapy (PT). Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, physio for short, entails treating, healing and preventing injuries and disabilities. PT helps to promote healing, relieve pain and restore movement and function. PT offers several benefits to the patient.

1. Reduce and eliminate pain

Hands-on treatment such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound can restore muscle and joint function and help reduce pain such as lower back pain. It can also prevent the recurrence of pain.

2. Avoid surgery

If PT helps to eliminate pain or heal injuries, surgery may not be needed. Even if it is required, you may still benefit from pre-surgery physical therapy. This will help you to recover from surgery quicker because you will be physically stronger before surgery.

3. Improve your mobility

If you have trouble moving, walking or standing, no matter your age, physical therapy can still benefit you. Strengthening and stretching exercises will help to restore your mobility.

4. Recovery from stroke

It is common to lose some degree of movement and function after stroke. PT helps to strengthen weakened parts of your body and improve your balance and gait.

5. Recover from and prevent sports injuries

Physical therapy specialists understand how different games may increase your risk for certain types of injury such as stress fractures in long-distance runners. They can design suitable recovery and prevention exercise programs for you.

6. Improve balance and prevent falls

When you commence physical therapy, you will be screened for a fall risk. If you are at high risk, your therapist will provide exercises that simulate real-life situations. Your therapist will also help to give you exercises to enhance your coordination.

7. Manage diabetes and vascular conditions

As part of a general diabetes management plan, exercise can help you effectively control your blood sugar. Your therapist can create for you an individual plan with a good combination of aerobic and strengthening exercises.

8. Manage aging issues

As you age, you may develop diseases such as arthritis or osteoporosis, or you may need joint replacement. Physical therapy can keep aging patients more mobile and provide them with an appropriate walking device if necessary.

9. Manage heart and lung disease

Despite most patients completing cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack or heart procedure, you may as well receive physical therapy in case your body functioning is affected.

Physical therapy prevents and protects you from injury, and it also helps you to recover from such injury quickly. If you are experiencing pains or mobility-related issues and are seeking a sports physical therapy of New York, contact professionals such as


  • Harry Brophy


    Useful Post.

    These exercises look very similar to what I was working on to help me with my back issues. I have similar weakness issues so have needed a lot of the glutes exercises. Physio therapy sounds like it was able to do wonders for any type of injury.

    Thanks for this post .. It will surely be helpful.

    Keep up with the good work!

  • Helen

    There are many people who seek the major benefits of physiotherapy to decide whether they need to practice this or not. Physiotherapy is effective for many physical concerns. Many people depend on physiotherapy to overcome these difficulties. As physiotherapy is a proven solution for many of these physical concerns, the significance of this is increasing day by day.

  • Christina

    Physical therapy has many useful purposes, as you’ve shared. From mobility improvements, to recovery from injuries, and more, this practice continues to improve lives and grant new freedoms to patients who use it regularly.

  • Brian

    Physical therapy can be a life saver during an injury. Remembering to do the little stretches they teach you can help you heal very quickly and feel better. Thanks for sharing!

  • JerryE.Lindsay

    Nice post. I strongly believe that Physical Therapy is an ideal solution for treating body pain. I feel so lucky that my dad is a physiotherapist and he keeps guiding me as to how I should take care of my body. I am already aware of the points listed in the blog, but it is still useful; as it reiterates the importance of physical therapy in each one of our lives. Go for physical therapy and you won’t be requiring medication for any of your pains concerning your body.

  • linda Prin

    I have a good friend that suffers from Fibromyalgia and I have wondered if there were alternatives to the surgeries that she often has. She does have an overlapping disease too, and this really is hard for her to cope with both affecting her. I will have to refer her to your site and let her know that physical therapy is another option. Thank you for sharing.

  • Silas Knight

    Physical therapy is definitely important. My sister had to go through it on her knee after an injury, but she has healed back up now. As you mentioned, it helped her avoid surgery, so the therapy was worth it.

  • Marie Watson

    Connie, thanks for explaining why physical therapy is so important. I didn’t realize that it can help you avoid surgery in some cases. I would think that it is a good idea to engage in therapy sessions that will help you improve your mobility and reduce your pain. It seems like it could be a huge benefit to speak with your doctor about how physical therapy can help you improve your health.

  • Kenneth Gladman

    I didn’t realize that physical therapy could help after a stroke. My dad had a stroke last year and I know it has effected his mobility. I will have to mention that physical therapy is an option. If anything could help it would be worth it.

  • Petunia Evans

    I knew that physical therapy was beneficial to your health, but I never knew it could benefit so many things in your body. I found it really cool how it helps in avoiding surgeries, and prevents injuries. Perhaps I could go to physical therapy myself!

  • Westly Smith

    I think that one of the most underestimated aspects of physical therapy is that it improves balance and prevents falls. I went through some therapy, and after the therapy I was able to balance even better than before my injury. Like you say, therapists can provide real-life situations. Those exercises helped me out a lot.

  • Correy Smith

    I’m guessing that reducing and eliminating pain would be the number one reason why people would do therapy. It’s something that I’m looking to find for my daughter who’s been injured while playing soccer. I’m guessing that a sports injury physical therapy would be best for her to do.

  • Johnny

    I didn’t realize that physical therapy could help prevent the need for surgery. Right now my dad is suffering from a lot of back pain. He has already undergone surgery and I know that physical therapy would benefit him as well. I am sure that showing him this would help.

  • Julie Myers

    It is really nice that physical therapy can help treat so many problems! I have a friend that was recently injured and now her arm is really weak. She has also been experiencing quite a lot of pain from her injury, but she can’t seem to fix it. I think it would be really good for her to get some physical therapy to help her recover. Then she could work on the pain and be able to avoid having surgery, but still recover fully if she works hard on it. Thanks for the great post!

  • james harvon

    I was not aware that physical therapy could relieve so many different injuries and illnesses. This is something that I need to look into considering my back. In order to fully recover it will be important to get my body back into good shape.


    It’s been three months since the op on my knee to replace all the ligaments and it is a long hard haul to get back to any degree of fitness. When I originally dislocated my knee I was out of work for almost a year so I knew what to expect but it is tough going. I regularly use a TENS machine & an infra red massager to help manage the pain rather than poping pills.

  • Zach Thalman

    I think a lot of people forget that after going through surgery, you most likely need a recovery and recuperation period. I think many of us have the mindset that after something big like surgery, a heart attack or stroke we can just get back on our feet and function like normal. Often times you need to go to a physical therapist to get yourself back in working condition. There are plenty of people that have to learn motor functions again or simply get the pain to go away. In my case, I have gone mainly because of pains that I have had over my lifetime.

  • Tamra Phelps

    All of this is definitely true! I’ve been helped in the past by physical therapy & my Mom is currently doing it. (She had a bad fall while in the hospital for something else–what should have been at most a week in the hospital turned into over 6 months in several hospitals & a physical rehab place. The fall caused her leg to fill with blood-due to blood thinners–and she had to have surgery to remove a chunk of leg. It caused nerve damage & foot drop. She still uses a walker, but is getting around much better & the physical therapists are hoping to reverse or at least help the foot drop.)

  • Carol S.

    Many people shy away from the recommendation of physical therapy. Physical therapy can provide a positive outcome in multiple ailments. Sadly enough, as one ages one injury or illness can hinder an active ability to recover fully or in a timeless manner.

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