Top Tips To Identify Your Target Audience

With any business, consumers are the main focus point. They’re bringing in the profit that you need to help grow it to where you’d like it to be. But do you know your audience well enough? Here are some top tips for identifying your target audience.

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Conduct Current Customer Research

You may have some customers already and so these can be your guinea pigs for testing out who might be your key audience. Generate a list of questions that you can send out to your mailing list or even ask customers to fill in after the sale of a product or service you provide. Asking details like their age, gender and what brought them to your company are just a few ways to gather the information you’ll need to help tailor any future marketing and work you do to entice your target audience.

Look At Your Competition

It’s said not to pay too much attention to your competition, but actually, there’s certainly a lot to be learned from when it comes to who you’re up against. Any company that’s doing something similar to you is going to be worth looking at in terms of its customers, and who they attract. They’re likely to be of a similar category or demographics that you have in your customers and it’s drawing these similarities that will help you to gain more of there’s or to entice them with better offers at least.

Use Online Analytics

From an amazon ad agency to simply looking at your website statistics, online analytics are great for tracking information that traffic onto your website leaves behind. The more you can understand about your consumer, the better off you’ll be. From what where they’ve clicked onto your website to how they interact with others online. Your audience may be more vocal on one social media platform than another. There’s a lot to unpack and explore when it comes to the analysis that you can get access to online. And it’s certainly worth taking advantage of, that’s for sure!

Try To Create A Niche Market

When you’ve identified your target audience, the next important thing is to hone in on these individuals and the more niche you can make your target audience the better. However, don’t define it too much that you limit your customer reach. You can create multiple niches, but it’s important that you’ve spent time on detailing each one.

Being able to identify your target audience is something that will reflect positively on your branding, on your products and the interactions you’ll have with these customers. You’ll have the data and knowledge needed to understand what they want, what they need, and how to cater for this so that you have loyal customers for a lifetime. Customer research can be highly beneficial, so try to conduct this every so often, particularly in the early stages. Look at your competition and what they’re doing to define their market and use online analytics for gathering even more data.


  • Ryan K Biddulph

    Niche competition gives you an awesome wake up call Connie. I love seeing what bloggers in the blogging tips niche are up to. Smart way to get a pulse, and, to drill down deeper on your target audience. Patience, observation and study helps you serve readers deeply. Rocking post.

  • Sue E

    You really know your stuff!! I didn’t know of a few of these tips!! I definitely did not know about the Amazon Ad Agency! I guess Amazon’s got their clutches in a lot of different businesses.

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