Top toys for 2013

The holidays have now passed and it’s time to look forward to the New Year. For me, this means attending a whole load of children’s parties, gift in hand. It’s always a little difficult knowing what the latest ‘in thing’ with the kids is but after some research, I’ve managed to come up with some present ideas which should work all year round.
Lego as always is a favourite with both boys and girls and still a firm favourite with me. With the likes of Lego city offering a number of themed Lego sets for big movies such as Star Wars and a number of other exciting and complex structures, it’s sure to keep the kids entertained for hours.
Crayola Light Designer is much like a lamp which you can design your own pattern for. The three-dimensional surface looks great and allows the kids to get creative. Watch as their drawings come to life. The best thing about it is that there’s no mess and therefore nothing to clean up, for which the recipient’s parents will be very grateful to you!
I know balloons are maybe an obvious present for any children’s party but Air Swimmers are no ordinary balloons. They come in a variety of fish forms, which have a remote control allowing you to guide them through the air. They are quite inexpensive and lots of fun.
Ranging from high end to lower budget, there are plenty of toys out there to keep the kids occupied. Hopefully this guide will help any last-minute shoppers.


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