TV Store Online Geek Valentine #GIVEAWAY

I’ve been telling you since 2013 that the TV Store Online and sites have a truly amazing selection of funny, UGLY, silly, and sweet sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts too. Here it is 2021 and I’m back with more FUNNY STUFF!! AND a Geeky Valentine GIVEAWAY!

Yes, again this year one very lucky Peanut will be able to shop for their perfect item from TV Store Online. With the HUMONGOUS selection I imagine you’ll have as hard a time as I did! There are t-shirts, lounge pants and pajama’s. There are masks, costumes and ugly sweaters too.

This site just makes me giddy!!

The selection is great. Whether you are looking for an 80’s t-shirt, Pac-Man, Betty Boop, Led Zeppelin or the Beatles. There are so many choices!!

2020 and so far 2021 has been a year of weirdness … right?? Masks are still a staple in our wardrobe. So why not make the best of it??  The Husband really, really hates to wear his mask…… UNTIL, that is, I found this Marvel The Incredible Hulk Multi-Purpose Neck Gaiter Scarf Bandana.  Talk about a fitting Valentines Gift for a geek (A grumpy one at that!)  RIGHT?!?!?! Shhhh don’t tell him I said that.

One of my favorite things that TVStoreOnline carries is the vintage look, distressed t-shirts. Those are always my favorite and once again I was NOT disappointed. SO CUTE!! So soft, so comfy!! SO my brother!! My brother was a HUGE Batman fan and this just reminded me of him so MUCH!!!



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