Vitamins, Healthy Food and What Do You Need To Know About Them

We, let’s face it, don’t know much about what vitamins are and what is their role in a healthy diet. We remember from childhood that “vitamins are good,” that “vitamin C is in citrus fruits,” and in the spring there is a great chance of avitaminosis. But why are vitamins important for a healthy diet after all? The role of vitamins in a healthy diet is huge. A diet can only be considered truly healthy when it is rich in vitamins of all kinds and suits.

Vitamins and a healthy diet are more closely linked than we think. Our body does not synthesize vitamins, they can only come to it from the outside along with the food. The daily requirement of the body for vitamins is small, a few hundredths of a gram, but the lack of a trace element can be the result of serious illness.  While getting those vitamins isn’t always easy with the food we eat. Shopping for the Best Vitamin Brands online is both easy and convenient.

They help the proper metabolism, strengthen the immune system, increase efficiency whether you are working or trying to concentrate on a casino game from National Casino com. Our need for vitamins varies depending on the season, as well as depending on the load on the body. For example, children’s needs during growth increase, and their lack leads to the improper development of individual organs or the entire body. Women during pregnancy also need more vitamins than usual.

Many people like to keep their vitamin levels up, and eat as healthily as they can, to ensure they lose weight. If your goal is to shed a few pounds, I suggest reading articles on the top supplements to lose weight quickly. It’s important to read up on these products before trialing any products and to always ensure you’re pairing them with a good diet.

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Vitamin A is essential for the function of vision, its deficiency leads to “chicken blindness”. Large amounts of it are found in fish, butter, or egg yolk. Carotene, which is found in carrots or pumpkins, although not vitamin A itself, can be converted into it during digestion. It is not “friendly” with oxygen and ultraviolet, so it is better to store carotene-containing vegetables in a dark room.

One of the most important vitamins for a healthy diet is B1. Its deficiency in the body will lead to a disruption of the normal functioning of the nervous system, which in the worst case can end in a paralysis of the limbs. It helps fat and water-salt metabolism, the activity of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Human sources of B1 are rye bread, beef liver, beans, and nuts.

When the body lacks vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, the person becomes tired more often, has heart weakness, shortness of breath. When vitamin C is critically low, a person can get scurvy, with swollen gums, wobbly teeth, and bleeding muscles. In addition to citrus fruits, ascorbic acid is found in greens, many fruits and vegetables, and berries.

Vitamin D is also important for a healthy diet. Its deficiency is the cause of rickets in children, in which the nervous system is disturbed. The child becomes irritated at the slightest opportunity and often cries. Because of the reduction in blood levels of calcium in it, there are damages in the bone tissue, deformed chest, observed softening of the bones of the skull and ribs. Vitamin D is obtained mainly from fish liver and butter. Some “lucky” people may know that there is a lot of it in fish oil.

Nowadays, micronutrient deficiencies can be compensated by medication, with multivitamin preparations, as recommended by your doctor. However, it is better if the vitamins enter your body naturally – with a proper healthy diet.


    • Tamra Phelps

      Well, that Anonymous was me Connie. I can’t figure out why the comment section is sometimes losing my name/email when I hit ‘post comment.’

  • Michael Coovert

    Niutrituonal information gets so confusing to me. Every time I think I understand things, they learn something new that shakes everything up. But I guess that’s science.

  • gloria patterson

    I have vitamins but forget to take them!! I even got one of the boxes and filled it for 14 days……………….

    BUT I never forget to take my prescriptions

  • gloria patterson

    Vitamins are important little over a year ago after blood Dr wrote a presscription for IRON Pills . I have them with my other meds and never forget to take it.

  • heather

    This was really informative to read. I will be taking my vitamins like crazy to get my hair to grow back after it got chopped off today. Half the time I forget to take them after breakfast.

  • Tamra Phelps

    You don’t realize until you get really ill just how bad it can get if your body has a deficiency of any vitamin, etc. When I was recovering from sepsis, etc., I had to take iron because I became very anemic, all sorts of vitamins because my gut wasn’t handling food well–and the sepsis damaged the gut so it doesn’t absorb vitamins well, so I have to use the soft gel or liquid types of supplements, if possible, because they are easily absorbed. It becomes a complicated chore just to get normal nutrients. Thank God I’m mostly back to something approaching normal, lol.

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