Week 8

Here comes my weekly blah blah blah post. (With a little whining thrown in!) I stayed the same!! THE SAME 11 pounds!!! COME ON!! Shouldn’t this be getting easier?!?! Ohhh I know what you’re thinking…. “wasn’t it just a few posts back that said ‘you couldn’t get enough to eat?’” Ummmm well, nooooooooooooo that was my eeeevil twin!!?!
Okay, fine….. well, at least it wasn’t a gain. I am firming up though, because I wore 2 skirts this week that I have never had on!! (They still had tags on them!! YEA YEA YEA ME!!!)

I walked with Kaki, did a couple nights with Jillian Michaels DVD. But, over all I’ve just felt unmotivated and and ….. and….. blah. I can’t think of a better way to say it. Just BLAH! all this week. But tomorrow starts my new week so I’m going to shake this off and get back to work! Next week I will post a loss!

BTW… thanks for the finger crossing… made it to the gas station just fine this morning.

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