You may want to sit down for this!

I can’t think of anything to blog about. I KNOW!! ME!! Who would have thought? Not me, I’m just as shocked as you are!! I feel bad because I’m on such a roll. I’ve not missed a single day since I started this challenge. (Besides, I would hate for you not to have SOMETHING to read in the morning, since you were nice enough to come check!!) But tonight…. I got nadda, zip, zilch, nothin’. Nothing blog worthy. Unless of course you want to know about dinner (I know how much you enjoy that topic!!). I had a white meat peach (SO GOOD!!) with a little bit of yogurt. I could ask you to keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow morning because I drove home on E…. not just e but a GREAT BIG WHOLE LOTTA empty E…… anyway keep your fingers crossed that I make it to the gas station!!

I was going to use this little picture…. but let’s get serious! I’ll call DH and he would come rescue me…….. so it’ll be more like this: (ohhh and he doesn’t look happy….. so really…. about 8:15 tomorrow morning keep fingers crossed! Maybe toes too just in case!)

WOW…. never mind I guess I did find something to blog about…… so erase erase that first part! WOW 222 words for someone who had nuttin’ to say…… is…….. well……. me.


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