Wildpack Backpack From OkieDog

Oh my gosh WAIT till you see this backpack from OkieDog!! Alice is so in love with this backpack or as she calls it packpack. I’m giddy over this Wildpack Backpack! It’s THE PERFECT size for Alice to wear! This 3D design backpack is 8.66″ by 10.63″ by 4.72″. The Wildpack is water-resistant and has adjustable straps. It also only weighs 8.25 ounces!! Alice usually loads it up with a snack, toys, books, blanket and more and more and more! She will not leave the house without her packpack. Y’all know that I do a lot of videos where Alice stars. Well, Alice told me “NaNa I can do my OWN vibeo” So, in Alice’s own words:

Seriously, how cute is that kid?!?!?  You’ll get a kick out of this; daughter Selena wanted to shoot a video of Alice doing something adorable (of course!) and Alice immediately stopped and began the video with “Hi, this is Alice from Peanut Butter and Whine dot com” The kid cracks me up!!

This backpack is perfect from the top to bottom! From zipper pulls that are big and easy to grab for little hands to the fact that the zippers are is easy to work. The interior is hollow with plenty of room to put everything important to kids. There is even a spot to write your child’s name inside. The inside also has an interior mesh pocket to keep important toddler things secure.

Okiedog’s latest edition to our diaper bag portfolio are children bags. With innovative ideas and new bag styles we want to more bring fun into kids’ lives. We cater for ages 2-6 years old and have children’s different needs in mind. Our design language ranges from cute animal characters for the very young ones to bold and bright colours for older kids.

There are SO many CUTE designs!!! Alice already has her eye on the Hippo as a back-up ‘packpack’ (say that 3 times fast!) Besides the adorable Dog WildPack check out the other adorable designs!! I LOVE these Wildpacks!!!

Okiedog children bags are designed with love. They comply with all safety standards, have high quality and are made from very durable materials. As all our okiedog bags, our children bags are PVC-, Phthalate- AZO- and BPA-free.

Wildpack are loveable animals with adorable faces and plush ears, designed to delight and entertain toddlers aged 2-5 years old. Wildpack bags are water-resistant, easy to clean and very light weight. Due to their soft shell and their 3D shape they are truly a new breed amongst all other children bags

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Not a single one!! Alice adores her Okiedog Dog Wildpack. I’m thrilled with the durability and design and the fact that it’s easy to clean inside and out!! This is truly perfect top to bottom! These Wildpacks would make an awesome gift!!


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