Yea…. I know

HOLY MOLY!! I’m so glad I am feeling better because today was one of the busiest days I’ve had in a while. Course I was still playing catch-up from Monday so that didn’t help. Last night, I took some Tylenol Cold and Flu Nighttime. WOOOOHOOOO I slept like a rock all night and then some this morning…. so yes I was late for work. (Be thankFUL you weren’t on the 78 this morning and if you were…. well, I’m sorry!! SOOO SORRY!!)

So my weigh in this morning didn’t happen. The walk didn’t happen. The jump-rope (WHO’’s stupid idea was it to mention I even OWN the jump-rope in the first place? Oh yea… it was me…. never mind…. didn’t do it. But I will. Yea yea yea I know… I will. I promise! Where have we heard that before??) So tomorrow is my weekly phone call with Tyler and I’ll add the weigh in then too. See?? Now you have something to look forward too tomorrow. Thank you for all the get well quick wishes!! They worked like a charm!!

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