You are getting sleepy…..

I choose tonight’s picture because it was cute and inspirational. But it’s backfired big time!! I’ll be dreaming about french fries or a stuffed baked potato. Okay, this is NOT HELPING!! But, I REALLY want an order of French Fries and a side of … well… anything chocolate actually. Dieting would be so easy for me if I could be one of those people that could care less about chocolate. (It’s hard for me to even imagine those people really exist!! It’s not natural!!) How come the foods I’m not crazy about like brocolli or celery can’t be the fattening foods? Ohhhhh maybe a hypnotist could make me believe that carrots are the ‘wrong’ food…. then I’d really ONLY want carrots?? Now that’s something to think about huh?? I hope you had a great day. See ya tomorrow.

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