Zmodo and #2017CES What’s New?!

In case you’ve missed my tweets, Instagram photos and blog post let me catch you up! On January 5th 2017, I was invited by Zmodo to speak at CES (Computer Electronic Show) the show that was held from January 5th thru the 8th.   What an honor that was. What an experience!! Not only being able to represent a company that I admire but to learn about products that are on the horizon for Zmodo.

Zmodo introduces a new lineup of robust and stylish smart home products and a redesigned and improved platform to become your one stop shop for smart home solutions.

The show started out with the energetic Zmodo Cheer Squad.

Next up was a formal welcome and introduction from the president of Zmodo.

Next up was the panel discussion about the current Zmodo products. What a great panel this was. A little intimidating too! (I’m lying, it was a LOT intimidating!) These were some big names around the ‘net!

It was unanimous across the panel Zmodo products truly create a wonderful Smart Home. We also agreed that being able to have all your Zmodo electronics on one app is extremely helpful. Like I said during the discussion I’m not giving up photographs of my 3 Grandkids for extra apps. An y’all know I have a TON of pictures of those cuties. The discussion continued around what our favorite product is to date. My would have to be the Pivot; you can see my full review here. The reason that I love the Pivot as much as I do is for The Husband Spying. Nooooo not for what you are thinking but (okay, maybe just a little..) The Husband has Multiple Sclerosis falling and getting seriously hurt is a constant concern. Turn on my phone and I can find him happily playing video games with the dog sitting next to him. I can even talk to him thru the app. Another major perk is the fact that the Pivot acts as a speaker!! I love that feature.

Next the discussion turned to what we are most excited about with the new Zmodo releases. I could have held on to the mic the rest of the discussion. There are so many different items that I am excited about!! From Smart Curtains. Smart Curtains you ask? The curtains are equipped with sensors that know when the outside is too hot and closes the curtains for you. You can set a timer so that your curtains open and close at the same time each and everyday. This was the first hint the folks at our Neighborhood Watch gave. Open and close curtains at the same time each day. Same with a lamp coming on and going off at the exact same time. Then the bad guys can’t get a set schedule for when you are home and when you are not. Again you can operate the curtains from the single app on your phone or iPad. How brilliant is that? Curtains that learn from my habits!
Since we’re on security, the next item up is The Greet. You can answer your door from anywhere! At home or at CES in Las Vegas! Doesn’t matter where you are! Not only can you see who is at the door but you can TALK to them from your phone!!  The HD video, smart motion detection, and real-time alerts, it’s like you’re at home, even when you’re not.

So many more things on the horizons for Zmodo. How about a smart vent? A standard size vent that replaces the ones in your home now. The Smart Vent will detect movement and adjust the airflow accordingly. This little guy will even out the heating and cooling in your house. Finally! The back bedroom will be the same temperature as the family room!!  Added bonus?  The Smart Vents don’t require any wiring!! AND again can be controlled from your phone and the Zmodo app!
So much more to tell you about so check back later this week! There will be a GIVEAWAY included of a brand new Zmodo Product!! A new product you’re gonna WANT!! I promise!  Course if you want to check out the Zmodo site you can try to guess what I’ll be giving away!
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