iGarden Sapphire Blue Bedding Set

Does anything feel better than a new set of sheets? Except maybe a new set of thick 100% cotton sheets in a beautiful Sapphire Blue!

This bedding set is different from the normal set; or at least for me it’s different. There is a flat sheet, 2 nice large pillow cases and a comforter cover. There is no fitted sheet with this set.

Starting with the color. This is a beautiful sapphire blue, such a vibrant rich color of blue. The color doesn’t fade when washed. I washed the sheets in cold water and air-dried. I also threw in a white wash cloth so see if the color bled; I’m pleased to report that the sheets didn’t bleed.

The sheets are a nice thick 100% cotton. The kind of cotton sheets my Grandma use to have they aren’t silky soft like silk sheets but they feel good and nice and cool to the touch. I love that this set is perfect for all seasons from summer to winter.

Workmanship is next; for the flat sheet the corners are not actually corners but rather the European style rounded rectangle sheet. The flat sheet is very large and actually is larger than the comforter cover at 94.48″ long and 106.29″ wide. The cover is 86.6″ long and 92.48″ wide. The pillowcases are a great size and easily fit our larger foam pillows. The cases are 18.89″ by 29.13″. The pillowcases are simple slip ins. No buttons or zippers to tangle my hair around. YEAH!!! The hems are all well done with no slipped stitches or loose threads anywhere in the set.

The set is preshrunk and even after washing and drying it still fits perfectly.

The comforter cover closes with a nice heavy hidden zipper at the bottom of the cover. The zipper glides open and closed easily. Even after washing.


Nope, this is a wonderful set in a beautiful rich blue color in 100% cotton sheet set.



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