• I don’t wanna go anywhere!!!!!

    Tonight’s discussion started with me telling DH: “It’s your turn. You have to go visit.” “No… I’m going to bed. YOU have to go…”   “It’s too far.  I don’t want to goooooo!! You go”  “NO, she’s YOUR Mother you and you HAVE to go!!”  Just to refresh your memory, I took this picture from my diningroom doorway to my Mom’s porch.  Gracie’s almost there I could just send her!!!!! Don’t judge me! It’s cold……I’m really warm right now, it’s…. OH OKAY FINE I’m going.  ARE YA HAPPY NOW?!?!?!? 

  • Is that SNOW?!?!?!

    It’s freakin’ FREEZING!! I know what do I expect?? It’s February. HELLO!?!?  FEBRUARY in California!! IT’s different here!! I left Colorado…. I now MOCK those in the snow and cold. I don’t DO 36DEGREE’s!!  (and falling!) I refuse! FIX IT!! NOW!!  I want my GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!

  • Ugly be GONE!!!!

    Ya’all remember my crap CRAFT room drama…. well, I’m finally able to MOVE around in here! When the room belonged to my son we let him paint it any color he wanted.  It would NOT have been my 18,765,289 choice but… it was his. (and in it’s time 17 years aog? WAIT… what? can that be right? He’s now 30… ohhh MYGOD I’m depressed again) ANYWAY, I don’t have the time, energy or strength to paint this room (remember it’s 60% storage and 40% craft room, painting would mean moving tons of boxes out… ya… NOT gonna happen!!) Soooo in front of my sewing machine I did the next best thing!!  I tacked up…

  • Today’s giveaway! QUICK!!

    HURRY QUICK!!!  You still have a little time to and enter my favorite giveaway!!  I want this coffee maker!!  How awesome would that be (as the only coffee drinker in our household I see a lot less waste in my house!!) Anyway…. go here…… sign up!!

  • AaaLoooone!!!! Alone!!! Aaaaaloonnnnnee!!

    DH’s boss came to our house today to give him his yearly job review/evaluation.  DH got gold stars and a raise.  DH is THE man!!!!  I guess him being out since January 14th drove home the “WOW we really need him! He really is an asset we can’t afford loose”  Personally, I thought the whole having a heart attack was kinda a dramatic way to go about it… but hey, that’s just me.  Soooooooooo when the boss called and said “I’ll need a couple of hours with you, when would be a good time?”  My first thought was “I’m okay with right NOW?”  But since the plant is an hour away they agreed on today.  Okay okay fine… that works too.  (Now a normal person…

  • PetCakes

    GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED HOW CUTE are these!!!!!!!  I need to win this one in particular….. This one is called Randy Candy!!  DH’s name is Randy!  You could win one of these cute little PetCakes by going to Familylicious and enter. these are adorable! Okay, I promise to share with my Grandbaby too.  How cute would this be on the baby shower table?? I really need one of these!!! Okay, that’s your giveaway link for today!! Good luck I mean I want to win I NEED the good luck.  So GOOD luck to ME ME ME!!

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Ahhhhhhh I LOVE how the house looks when everything is clean.  Ahhhhhhh LOVE LOVE a clean house.  Growing up one of my chores use to be dust this particular chair….my Grandpa’s chair.  I HATED THIS chair!! HATED dusting it….. it took so long because it has so much carving….. sooooo why did I feel the need to beg for this chair when I grew up???  WHY?!?! It didn’t get any easier to clean and waxed….. but it’s done too.  Am I good or WHAT!?!?   (Look at that! 2 days in a row with pictures from real life!!!!!  My life even!) Is that shiny and pretty or WHAT!!!!