• Piece of Me

    Now wouldn’t you love to have one of these sitting on your kitchen counter?  I know I WOULD!!!!!!  While you are there take a look at this cute blog called “Piece of Me” I really want to WIN this!! 

  • So I had an idea!!

    So I had this great idea….. I want to try a whole year (ROFLMAO! did I actually say that out loud??) of a REAL picture for my blog.  You know I always include a picture that I think goes with my “post of the day” WELLLLLLL what if I could find something in the house…… in the neighborhood……. in my scrapbook that would work?  Could I do it?  I dunno… I wanna try.  Sooooooo let’s start with today. DH had his appointment for the heart doctor.. (ahhh tooo easy!! Picture of DH with HEARTS!  I love to collect heart shapes. These are nature made heart rocks).  We are a go for the…

  • Giveaway Sunday

    GIVEAWAYS ARE CLOSED A lazy day for me use to be to search the Internet for giveaways dreaming of that great vacation, those HUGE diamonds, that super fast computer now?  NOW I’m all excited about Baby ITEMS!!??!  Between the cutest little tea set for Emma, the little car set for Eli….. all sorts of new items for the newest member of our family Baby T I want all kinds of baby things!  Wait!! What?!?!  When did this happen?????? I’m the GRANDMA!!!  I not supposed to get excited about a walker! (ROFLMAO!!!!!!  I made a funny!! By walker I do mean for a CHILD not for myself… I’m not that old yet)  So for today I have to…

  • Observations on Growing Older

    ~Your kids are becoming you… and you don’t like them… but your grandchildren are perfect! ~Going out is good.. Coming home is better! ~When people say you look “Great”… they add “for your age!” ~When you needed the discount, you paid full price. Now you get discounts on everything.. movies, hotels, flights, but you’re too tired to use them. ~You forget names …. but it’s OK because other   people forgot they even knew you!!! ~The 5 pounds you wanted to lose  is now 15 and you have a better chance of losing your keys than the 15 pounds. ~You realize you’re never going to be really good at anything … especially golf. ~Your spouse is…

  • California Snow

    Okay maybe it wasn’t really snow but the hail was coming down so hard and so fast it sure looked like snow for a little while! Course…. it was heavier till I grabbed the camera… isn’t that always the way?  Weather? Pet? Babies… whatever… grab the camera and “I don’t wanna do it anymore”