• Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People

    If EVER there was a craft book that SCREAMED my name it’s this!! I am cracking up just reading the description.  I need this book!! Fave Craft site is giving away a copy… go!  Sign up!!  : ) You’re welcome!  You know I’m always looking for cool stuff for you! You might be able to tell by the title of Amy Sedaris’s new book that she’s not clambering to become the next Martha Stewart. In fact, her goal in Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People seems to be to poke fun at the crafting community. Readers may be offended by the implicit sexual remarks and drawings included in the chapter…

  • The craft room

    I’ve been trying really hard to get my craft room organized after the remodel.  (Refresher: added an apartment for my Mom… we knocked out my old craft room in the process….)  The remodel is officially done.  Our little 4 bedroom house is now a 3 bedroom with a full on apartment!  WOO HOO!!  But, since the kids moved out the ‘other’ bedroom had became the ‘catch all….store (throw) it in here’ room (ALONG with everything from my craft room).   I know you are imaging a tiny room with floor to ceiling boxes and crap stuff everywhere.  You would be soooooooooo RIGHT!!!!  I feel so 100% overwhelmed by this ‘room’ (is it really a ROOM if you can’t get…

  • ABC’s

    I think if you were ever pulled over by the Highway Patrol and could sing your ABC’s as cute as this…. I don’t think they would arrest you.  Nope.  (Or maybe…….. well, never mind) This is my beautiful Granddaughter Emma. Who is ONLY 2!!!

  • Gimme some PAINT!!!!

    I can’t even imagine how many hours and days it takes to pull off something like this!  How fun and frustrating at the same time this project would be.  But I wanna try!!  Zac! Bring me some DOMINOES!!  (My favorite part is the water glasses and the flags!)  Enjoy and hopefully your mouth is wide open like mine was. WOW!!

  • Happy Valentines Day!!

    I sent my sweet 2 year old Granddaughter Emma a heart shaped locket for Valentines Day.  My daughter said Emma opened the locket and saw the pictures of her Mommy, Daddy and baby brother she loudly proclaimed “Oh I LOVE these PEOPLE!!!” Doesn’t that just make your Valentine heart smile??  I can’t stop laughing!

  • Karma

    I know that mocking my friends that live back east is WRONG!!  VERY WRONG!!  But here in California it was in the high 70’s so I did yard work.  I did a LOT of yard work.  I did TOO MUCH yard work and now I hurt everywhere except for my… no wait… I hurt EVERYWHERE!!  Even my friggin’ sunBURN!! Stupid KARMA!!