6 Creative Ways To Customize Your Car This Summer

Sunny days, warm weather, and more time to take drives before the sun goes down come with summer. It’s the time of the year in which you’ll spend more time venturing into the world.

Don’t settle for an unflattering vehicle; instead, find creative ways to customize your car for the summer!

Incorporate Personalized Car Coasters

Coasters aren’t only for placing around your house. Perhaps you dislike the dark appearance of your car’s cupholders and want to bring them to life.

Most car coasters have either rubber or ceramic materials. You can find these in a wide range of styles to suit your interests. From florals to tie-dye patterns to your favorite inspirational phrases, car coaster sets have all sorts of designs. You’re sure to find some that’ll bring you joy each time you look at them.

Add Seat Covers

If the interior seats don’t meet your standards, it’s time to give them an upgrade that costs less than reupholstering the seats. Add seat covers! One of the most popular materials for these is leatherette, or faux leather.

Choosing a timeless color for a material that won’t break down easily is the perfect way to customize your car this summer. Additionally, caring for leatherette seat covers is extremely easy! Whenever a stain appears, you can remove it without hassle so that your vehicle can have superb interior looks every day.

Get a Seat for Your Furry Friend

Does your pup love to go on summer car rides? You want them to be comfortable and safe.

Most dogs try to jump up to the front seat to say hello to their favorite person. To avoid this issue, add car seat belts or harnesses to secure them in the backseat.

An alternative is to use a plush carry box for smaller dogs or pups that love to run around. It’ll keep them in a cozy location so that they can see their surroundings and remain safe.

Upgrade the Sound System

Summer is the perfect season to roll the windows down and blast your favorite songs in the car. However, you need a sound system that won’t sound muffled when turned all the way up.

It’ll take some time to research exactly what products you’ll need that’ll work with your vehicle’s make and model. Some products to consider are new speakers, a new radio, and an amplifier and subwoofer.

Install a Vinyl Car Wrap

It’s time to refresh the exterior this summer too! If you have faded or chipped paint but don’t want to pay over the odds for a new paint job, then a car wrap is a very effective solution. A quick online search can help you discover professional car wrapping in Sydney (or one in your area).

There are extensive opportunities for customization! Pick the desired color, finish, and decals for flawless embellishments that make the car truly your own.

Customize the Rims

Customizing the car’s rims on your own is an easy project when you use the existing rims. Peelable spray paint is a desirable option because it’ll adhere to the rims without compromising the original paint underneath. You can experiment with various colors and patterns to match the paint job or new vinyl car wrap.

With so many amazing personalization options to choose from, you’ll definitely find the one that’ll transform your car this summer.


  • Tamra Phelps

    Lately, I’ve noticed cars and trucks with what I would describe as murals painted on them, lol. It’s nice but a little distracting on the road!!

  • heather

    These are some great ideas for how to personalize your car. This gives me some great ideas for holiday gifts too.

  • gloria patterson

    WOW lot of good information here. Have to say I like the “Install a Vinyl Car Wrap”

    My car is 2009 BUT it only has about 52,000 miles on it. I always lived close to work and I usually drove less then 10 miles to and from. And I passed the grocery store to and from work. I am 73 and don’t want a new car (payments) BUT I like the sound of a wrap. Will check in to this

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