Putting Like a Pro: Tips for Consistent and Accurate Putting

Many places on the golf course test your will and determination, but the green is the cause of most golfers’ frustration. Learning the best tips for consistent and accurate putting can guide you through putting like a pro. At the very least, it should lower your handicap and keep you from throwing your putter angrily toward your bag.

Get the Grip Right

Even though the difference is negligible, several missed putts happened because of poor contact at impact, and your grip is the primary component.

When putting, many golfers alter their regular grip slightly. However, the quickest approach to improve your putting is to change the manner you’re gripping the putter. A good putting grip has the handle passing through the wrist joint on both hands. If you want to become a consistent putter, the putter face must remain constant even if your wrists flip.

Don’t Flick Your Wrists

The golf ball is utterly unconcerned with anything other than impact. If you habitually flick your wrists, you’re asking for trouble. Inconsistent wrist motion will alter the putter’s loft, face position, and club head speed.

Any deviation from the normal will negatively affect your putts’ length and direction. Therefore, if you want to putt consistently, you shouldn’t use a wrist-flicking motion. Maintaining a fixed wrist angle during the whole putting stroke is key.

Keep Your Head Still

In putting, keeping your head as still as possible is crucial. When you raise your head, your shoulders and putter will follow suit.

The trick is to keep your head motionless and listen for the ball’s impact while you putt it. Pick a basic two-foot putt and practice sinking it without looking at the ball, focusing on the sound of the ball striking the bottom of the cup. The more second nature this becomes, the less likely you’ll yank putts to the left or blade them to the right.

Aim Small

“Aim small, miss small” is a credo the world’s best marksmen live by. While you’re not staring through a scope from hundreds of feet away, this notion also remains true for putting.

Putts within 10 feet have a lot of room for mistakes if you aim toward the hole. When putting from within 10 feet of the hole, aim for the tiniest mark or blade of grass behind the cup. Putts are easier to make when you aim toward the back of the hole, where the target is smaller. You’ll realize that this basic strategy is effective even if you’re using a simulator to help improve your putting stroke. Plus, it may be easier to aim for a virtual spot on the screen than one on the course.

There is no optimal putting method, just as there is no optimal full-swing method. To assist you in developing a solid putting stroke, though, you may try these tips for consistent and accurate putting to putt like a pro. Overall, doing what works well and feels right is the only way that score will continue to go down.


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