Advanced Sleep Solutions Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A while back I wrote a post about sleep and complained that I really don’t get enough. (does anyone??) So, check this out; if you sleep an average of eight hours a night you are sleeping a third of your life!! Not to mention one-third of your day!! If you live to be 75 years you will sleep away 25 YEARS!! That’s 9,125 days!! So with all of that sleepin’ shouldn’t you be comfortable in bed??

I am so thrilled to share with you my review of this queen size memory foam mattress topper.

This topper feels like I am laying on marshmallows or what I imagine it would feel like to sleep on a cloud. It’s so deliciously soft and conforms to my body. I get the support I need for my back and I don’t wake up all achy! I am getting a true comfortable sleep.

All of my bedding fits!! The fitted sheets still fits my mattress topper and all!! That is a huge bonus!

I move, The Husband doesn’t!! The mattress topper isolates my movements so if I am tossing and turning or getting in and out of bed The Husband isn’t disturbed and visa-versa.

This memory foam topper is certified by CeritPUR-US; certified that it contains NO formaldehyde, flame retardants, or heavy metals.

This topper is made in the USA.

This topper arrived well packaged and I was pleasantly surprised to find that after unwrapping this topper there was no odor!! HOORAY!!!

When I unwrapped the mattress topper I had serious doubts that it would actually FIT my bed. However, the longer it laid out on the bed the more it expanded. It was very cool to watch. I put the topper on the bed midmorning and within 4 hours (probably way less) I was ready to make the bed.

This topper is made with the new open cell structure technology that reduces odor, and improves air-flow and dissipates heat.


Not a single one. I am thrilled with this topper! Bring on those 9125 hours of sleep!! (umm wait… maybe not all at once!! Gotta be careful what I wish for!!)



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