Meiyie Baby Play Doll Review

Alice has a new baby! Check out the Meiyie Baby Doll. This is a 16″ baby doll and arrives in an adorable little oimageutfit with an embroidered teddy bear on the front and white hand and ankle cuffs. The outfit closes with Velcro. Adding the matching cap with little ears is a cute addition.
I am very torn with this review; let me tell you why.
imageThe baby doll who 4-year-old Alice has named Stella (HOW adorable is that?! We don’t know anyone named Stella. All I hear when Alice calls her name is STELLAAAAAAA!!) When Stella arrived she had a line of glue on her face. Alice didn’t care. She wanted Stella. It took me forever to get the doll away from her to clean the glue off. First I picked at the glue with my fingernail then used soapy water to get the remainder off. You would never know there was glue there now. Alice still didn’t care.image

The baby doll has eyelashes, a cute little button nose too. Stella’s right hand comes up and she blows kisses, making kissy sounds and giggles when you touch her chin. It’s the cutest thing!! Alice loves this part!!

imageStella makes other sounds too. The box says press on her stomach or chest area. No. It’s more like punching the stomach to make her start with the noises. Alice practically beats this baby (Bad dolly mommy!) There are 5 different sounds, laughing, crying and cooing. HOWEVER, the sounds start out with weird music and sounds that are just annoying. Guess who doesn’t care?? Ya, Alice.

Stella’s body is soft except the head, hands and feet which are hard plastic. The body also has a battery box in the back. 3 AA batteries are required and not included. I do love that the battery box takes a Phillips screwdriver to open. Stella’s right arm is solid and hard because it’s mechanical and does the kissing gesture. Again, guess who doesn’t care?

The baby doll also arrives with a small white baby bottle.

Stella goes everywhere with us. She is gets locked into the extra carseat in my car.


I was disappointed in the glue on the face, although with work the glue is gone. Having to beat on the doll to have her make noises gets old quickly. Along with those noises the music/sound effects before the crying or laughing is annoying. Alice’s whines?? Zip, Nadda, NONE! She loves this baby doll.



  • Kate Sarsfield

    I don’t get the attraction of dolls! I had one in my life, Lady Pamela who was about 3ft tall and dressed in our old baby clothes. I never cuddled her, she sat in the corner looking pretty.

  • Leslie Crosbie

    If funny what attracts kids! my daughter is blonde with green eyes, when she was about 3yrs she saw a dark-skinned doll and had to have it!! It was her favorite for over a year. One day I had company over and she was crying for her baby and finally my company asked what she was saying. I laughed and said she keeps crying I want my blaaaack baaaaby over and over! It was too cute!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Lol, Alice sounds happy. Kids would probably prefer the weirdness, ha! My cousin once tried to take a nap while his wife & kids were out, but he kept hearing creepy ‘wooo’ noises. He couldn’t figure it out. Turned out a doll I had bought his daughter had fallen between her headboard & the wall…and his headboard was on the other side of that wall. So my advice: always know where that doll is or you may think you have ghosts!

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    As long as your daughter loves her, that is what counts. She is a cute baby doll. It sounds like the manufacturer needs to improve a couple of things. Thank you for sharing

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