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I’m gonna get personal here. I see some of you rolling your eyes at me and thinking “What again!?” or more like “When did you stop sharing too much information?” Miss Sarah I’m smiling at you!!

I’m going to talk about strengthening your pelvic floor muscle. Were you aware that childbirth is the number one reason that a woman’s pelvic floor is weakened? Oh Mom’s another reason that our little bundles of joy REALLY OWE us!!!

Where is your pelvic floor? Well, it’s that group of muscles at the base of our torso, it has a big job it, it supports our internal organs. When our pelvic floor muscles are weakened or stretched we experience bladder leakage. Cough pee. Laugh pee. Don’t even get me started on sneezing. You can even have problems when you are exercising. I wouldn’t know about that one, I’m allergic to exercise. In all seriousness, I haven’t experienced THAT particular problem, the others however I experience daily.  It’s embarrassing!

When your pelvic floor muscles weaken you are at risk of suffering from urinary incontinence as well as pelvic organ prolapse. Pelvic organ prolapse is when your uterus and lower abdominal organs move around and collapse. In severe cases, they even protrude out of the vagina! Doing Kegels can help tone and strengthen those muscles. We’ve all heard about Kegels; they’ve been around since 1948! A set of specific exercises developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel, a gynecologist; to gain better control over your bladder.

However, do we actually do these exercises? AND do we do them correctly? Did you know that doing them incorrectly is just as bad as not doing them at all!?!

I’ve got an answer for you!! A special device to ensure you do you your Kegels correctly; mostly because it does them for YOU!

I’m 57 and in full-blown hot flash, night sweats menopause. I thought being in menopause would mean I would be done wearing pads. Noooooo now I get to wear a bladder pad every day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!  Menopause is more expensive than having periods. This is a stage in my life that gives and gives!

I was approached by the folks at InControl Medical to create awareness of their Don’t Pad The Problem campaign and bonus for me; to review the ApexM device.

Strengthening the pelvic floor is important for every woman. The FDA has recently cleared the ApexM product for sale over-the-counter purchase. The Apex helps a woman strengthen her pelvic floor muscle in the privacy of her own home.

Many women experience symptoms of urgency (known as urge incontinence), forcing them to modify their schedule and lifestyle to avoid a leak. If you find yourself planning your life around the restroom or waking frequently at night, ApexM is your solution. ApexM provides muscle stimulation through a customizable probe to strengthen the pelvic floor and calms spasm of the bladder muscle, decreasing urgency.

ApexM designed specifically for patients with urinary urgency and/or frequency. ApexM is a proven urge urinary incontinence treatment (as well as mixed UI).


The ApexM is a handheld device that requires 4 AAA Alkaline Batteries.

This device is truly revolutionary!! It aims to help women do their Kegels and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

The ApexM strengthens your pelvic floor muscles using muscle stimulation. You can be certain the ApexM exercises the correct muscles every single time!!  Control over your bladder really will improve significantly.

An ApexM toning session takes only 10 minutes to complete. Use the ApexM daily until your pelvic floor is strengthened. You’ll know when you are there because you won’t need to Pad The Problem any longer. Maintaining the tone is even easier. A ten-minute session once or twice a week. Remember you need to continue using the ApexM at least once a week to maintain the tone.

The ApexM is designed in a way that it will fit everybody and fit you perfectly! The design consists of a medical grade, completely phatalate-free silicone rubber that you inflate through an ergonomically positioned pump on the handle. Once the device is inflated the muscle stimulation contacts are always in the correct position. The ApexM provides slight resistance to the contractions of your pelvic muscles strengthening them even further.

You adjust the stimulation to the right level of stimulation for you, increase it until you feel an intense muscle contraction. Adjust the stimulation until you feel your vagina tightening around the probe. Increase the stimulation level to a point where you can tolerate it for 10 minutes. There are 10 levels of muscle stimulation. With consistent usage you’ll be able to increase the level of stimulation even further once your pelvic muscles adapt and strengthen. After two weeks of use I’m still not at level 10. The ApexM will give you a full, deep contraction. Once you get to that point let the Apex do it’s job. A complete session consists of a series of three, 3-second short contractions, followed by a longer 10 second contraction, relax for 10 seconds. It’s important to your abdomen, buttocks and legs relaxed. (the first time I used the ApexM I had to keep reminding myself, relax. BREATHE! It’s only 10 minutes!!  Press the air release button, remove the ApexM and clean it with soap and water and store in the ApexM carrying bag.

The ApexM:

  • Inflatable Shaft
  • 10 Levels Of Muscle Stimulation
  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • Made In The USA
  • Super Long Battery Life
  • Easy Cleaning


I’ve been using my ApexM a little over 2 weeks now and already I have noticed a LOT less leakage. I’m thoroughly impressed!! I don’t have a single whine!! This is an amazing device.


To learn more about the Apex device, please visit Don’t Pad The Problem.

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    Hi Connie,
    Did you follow the recommended program (i.e., start by using daily …) since you started in May? Please tell me about your results.

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